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Much like a construction zone on a highway, Chickening IN is a transformation zone. Yellow caution tape and orange cones surround those dwelling here. This is a safe place to be honest about the impact of fear, why it exists and how to overcome it.  It’s a place to tear down lies and rebuild on a foundation of truth.

Chickening IN is a transformation journey; a process of learning how to embrace fear as a catalyst to great faith.  You see, I’ve struggled with fear and anxiety much of my life, and in my most desperate moments God provided.  In fact, He provided a twist on an old idiom through the innocence of my sweet daughter, and that new twist gave me a new mindset!  Fear has stolen precious time and energy from me, and I am learning to defeat this giant by Chickening IN and turning:

  • Fear into Courage
  • Worry into Trust
  • Doubt into Hope
  • Anxiety into Faith in God  

I wonder about you, and if you have battled fearful living. Do you bare scars of hopelessness inflicted by fear’s relentless pursuit to win?  Like me, do you desperately want to start reclaiming what fear has stolen from you?  If so, I’d like to invite you on this journey with me. A journey to overcome the fears and anxieties that hold us hostage from following our dreams, healing from the brokenness of life, and overcoming strongholds.

Will you come along with me?  Together, with Chickening IN, we can transform our fear into a COURAGEOUS, BOLD, FAITH FILLED, GOD BELIEVING, ADVENTUROUS life!

JJ Gutierrez

Author, Speaker, Courage Mentor

Chickening IN

From FEAR to Courageous FAITH

The Chickening IN resources make it possible to transform the way we think and act in response to fear. Individually or in a small group we can change our mindset about fear.

  • Order your copy of Chickening IN 
  • Answer the self-reflection questions at the end of each chapter
  • Share with a friend or in a small group
  • Companion workbook coming soon!


transforming fear into courageous faith


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