Have You Struggled to Keep Weight-Loss Off?

Reaching a weight-loss goal is so exciting!  How about keeping it off?  Many women experience the frustration and discouragement that comes with the roller-coaster ride of weight-loss only to gain it back again.  That’s why I love Maurya’s weight-loss story.  She reached her goal weight SIX years ago and has successfully kept all 50 pounds off!  Maurya’s story is inspiring, heartfelt and full of wisdom.

What Led Maurya to Weight-Loss for Life

I met Maurya just after she reached her weight-loss goal. During a reorganization at work, we were put on the same sales team, reporting to the same boss.  Maurya was successful, confident and 50 pounds lighter…she looked great!  She was beaming with excitement about her new-found health, lifestyle and outlook on life.

Who is this Amazing Woman?

Maurya grew up in NorCal, but her southern roots influenced her faith in God and her cooking (YUM). She graduated from UC Berkeley with an engineering degree, and soon after graduation realized she was a people person.  She took her education and turned it into a successful technical sales career.  Married for over 20 years with two children:  Miles 24 and Kayla 21.  Being a mom is her greatest joy in life.

The Defining Moment that Propelled Change

In 2010, Maurya’s husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, high blood pressure and in a pre-diabetic condition.  The doctor told her, “This is a life or death situation and your husband must lose weight. As he ages it will only get worse.”  With the heart-wrenching news, Maurya realized she needed to lose weight too.  She was experiencing symptoms, aches and pains similar to her husband.  Also, Maurya hadn’t lost the weight she put on after having her kids.

Maurya Responded by Putting Together a Plan

Instead of getting depressed or going into denial, Maurya took the doctor’s advice seriously.  She started to put a plan in place by researching weight loss options.  Doing a quick study of Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, Kaiser’s weight loss program and Weight Watchers…she decided Weight Watchers was the best fit.  It was less expensive, there were weekly meetings and her neighbor was already going on Saturday mornings…so she joined with her.  Maurya knew that life-long weight-loss was a journey not a quick fix…she didn’t want quick weight loss then gain it back again.

The 10 Pillars to Maurya’s Weight Loss & Success

While Maurya quickly made changes to the family’s menu, grocery list and snacks, there was more that needed changing. This was a lifestyle overhaul and here is what she learned.

1. 4 Legs of a Chair

She learned that weight loss success is based on the “Four Legs of a Chair Theory” and each leg needs cultivating.  Missing any leg will cause the chair to go off balance and fall.

  • Leg #1: Cardio- workout to strengthen your heart
  • Leg #2: Resistance Training- building muscle for a strong body
  • Leg #3: Good Nutrition- working out isn’t enough by itself
  • Leg #4: Rest- Proper sleep is key to your body’s health

2. The 80/20 Rule-Nutrition 80/Exercise 20

Exercise alone is not enough…eating the right amount of calories is a must!  Most of Maurya’s weight problems stemmed from the kinds of foods she was eating and her calorie intake.  Weight Watcher’s helped her to establish healthy eating patterns that would keep her below her maximum daily calorie intake.

3. Admitting a Food Addiction

This is probably the most difficult part of weight loss.  Admitting the struggle with food addiction.  Maurya had to personally come to terms with her love of food.  She realized this would be a life-long struggle she would have to overcome one day at a time.

4. Accountability Was Essential

Putting an accountability plan in place for life is critical to weight-loss success.  After 6 years of reaching her goal, Maurya still has accountability partners.  Her advice, “Don’t stop once you reach your goals. To maintain your weight-loss you need life-long accountability.”

5. Faith in God

Maurya’s faith in God has given her inner strength during the tough moments.  She credits much of her success to her faith and can’t imagine the journey without it.

6. Education

Learning about food, how to prepare it and what to eat is essential to change. Knowledge is power…power to make changes. It could be big changes or just little tweaks in the way you prepare meals. Maurya’s favorite quote is:

“When you know better you do better.”  Oprah

7. A New Attitude

Maurya had no idea that her weight loss journey would include a new outlook on life.  She grew in courage and confidence.  She said, “It feels like there’s nothing I cannot do.”  This confidence was lacking prior to her weight loss.  Maurya noticed that people treated her differently…however, she isn’t sure if it’s her weight loss or her new found positive outlook on life.

8. More Energy

The energy Maurya brings to her family, friends and work is different than before.  She loves life, and in her own words, “I feel good in my skin.”  All those body aches and pains disappeared!  Both her mental and physical energy have increased.  She is thriving.

9.  Set Small Goals

Maurya learned that setting small goals and reaching them is key.  If the goals are too high, you will become discouraged.  Set a goal to lose 5 pounds and then once you reach it, set another goal to lose another 5 pounds.  Keep going until you reach your healthy weight.

10. Celebrate Every Victory – Big or Small

It is so important to celebrate every victory big or small.  It can include losing 5 pounds, dropping a dress size, feeling more energetic, reaching exercising goals, feeling more confident…any positive affect should be celebrated.

There was Deep Sadness Along the Journey Too

While Maurya was experiencing great success…her husband did not.  He had a hard time embracing the new eating habits.  This held him back from employment.  Maurya encouraged him to take time to care for himself and lose weight.  However, it wasn’t his idea…he didn’t have a strong enough inner conviction to change.  Her husband never found his WHY.  As time went on, they separated and unfortunately he lost his life in the summer of 2016.  He was a kind-hearted person and a great father who is truly missed.

Maurya said, “It has to be your decision and you must know your Why. No one can do it for you, and you cannot force anyone to do it for themselves.”

At Age 52 Maurya Looks Better, Feels Better and Thrives

Maurya went from a size 14-16 to a size 4-6.  At 52 she looks and feels better than when she was in her 30’s.  Weight loss has meant gaining control over her life.  Her confidence has skyrocketed because she set small goals and reached them one by one.  Her faith and inner strength has grown.

Maurya is a Fighter…Find the Fighter in You!

Maurya had a weight-loss defining moment that caused her to stand-up and fight.  She knew her Why.  What is your defining moment?  Do you know your Why?  Maurya’s word of advice to those needing to lose weight:

  1. Find your Why
  2. Move your body.
  3. Take baby steps.
  4. Celebrate every little victory.
  5. Find an accountability group.
  6. Have fun on your journey.
  7. Have a meal plan and choose food wisely.
  8. Remember it is a lifestyle change not just weight loss.
  9. Don’t give-up.  If you have a bad day, week or month…start again…as many times as you have to until it sticks.

If Maurya’s story has touched you today…if you need to lose weight or make healthy lifestyle changes…be encouraged.  You can do it!  Maurya is a shining example of what determination and courage can accomplish.  Chicken-IN today.  Make the decision to move forward with a plan even if it’s just one small step.