What God Taught Me Through Unusual Snow…

Recently my husband and I moved to a new mountain home.  The house is nestled back on a hill surrounded by beautiful pine and oak trees.  It is a windy 13-mile journey to the property and a steep driveway up.  Delightful, beautiful and everything we dreamed of.

We Didn’t Anticipate the Unusual Snow

We were prepared for the normal “dusting” as it was described by our neighbors. On this particular evening the snow was steadily falling…soft, quiet and majestic from inside.  But outside, the roads were slick, unplowed and it was COLD.  My husband was stranded in the city at work in his two-wheel drive company car.

I Was My Husband’s Only Hope of Getting Home that Night

Our new four-wheel drive truck with beefy tread tires sat in the front of the house just begging to be used.  Scared and hesitant, I knew I needed to make my way out to get him.

My daughter and I bundled up and jumped in the truck.  We began our descent down the driveway…a very slow descent.  I was afraid. Creeping down little by little the tires made a loud crushing noise with every rotation forward.

I Wanted to Turn Back and Stay Home!

But onward we went.  As we reached the nearing of the highway, there were vehicles along the sides of the road without four-wheel drive or chains.  They couldn’t make it.  It was chaos. This frightened me all the more.

Praying All the Way There, We Made it by the Grace of God

As I described the situation to my husband, he chuckled a bit.  Not to offend me, but because I had no idea of the capabilities of the vehicle that I was driving.  I drove with fear and not for one moment understood that I was in a powerful, very well equipped, four-wheel drive with specialized off-load tires. The tires alone were capable of breaking up ice!

I lacked understanding and faith that the truck was made for this…I didn’t trust.  Choosing fear instead, I drove as if I were driving in a golf-cart though a winter storm.  

That’s When God so Quietly and Kindly Spoke to my Heart

He showed me that in life I often forget the power and capabilities of Christ.  I am in Christ because I am a Christian, but I tackle stormy situations as if I were on my own.  My faith shrinks back, and my lack of trust shines like the sun on a summer day. Doubt and worry result…I creep along fearfully wondering if I will make it, second guessing every step.

Is this the Triumphant Christian Life I Long to Have? 

No way! I am in Christ and I am no longer a slave to things of this world and that includes fear, doubt and worry.  Christ is my firm foundation and the rock on which I stand.  He has the ability to save me, forgive me, strengthen me and carry me.  The real question that begs to be answered is, “Do I really trust God and do I understand His power, authority and ultimate say over my life?”

My motto this year is, “I chose to trust God.”  Yet, I find myself not trusting Him and forgetting to live a life of faith, and living a life based on what I see. Just as I kept my eyes on the storm and the cars on the side of the road forgetting that I was in an equipped vehicle that was made for those conditions.  God is more than equipped for all of life’s situations…He is God, need I say more?

All this because we moved to a beautiful mountain house during a year of unusual snow!  God is good.  He never stops teaching.  He never stops training.  He is trustworthy!

What About You?

How have you learned to trust God? Do you have a story to share?

Sincerely with Hugs,


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