There’s a Time to Scream and Run in Fear…A Time to Be Afraid

What are you afraid of? Are you trying to live a fear-free life?  Is a fear-free life healthy and plausible?  It’s time to put on the best pair of running shoes that money can buy and run as fast as you can. Don’t delay. Don’t look back.  In fear, run.

Leave behind courage, bravery and fearlessness.  Don’t try to reason or muster up any kind of strength.

When It’s These 7 Things…Being Afraid is Good

Fear Danger

For me, this one is easy.  Be afraid of those things that can bring great bodily harm or can kill me or someone else.  Fire, boiling water, a busy street, distracted driving, picking up a hitch-hiker, rattlesnakes, black widows…I think you get the picture.  These are the no-brainer fears… built into my DNA and I don’t have to give much thought to.  But what about the less obvious actions that can be equally devastating?

Fear Bad Character

Honestly…I haven’t spent enough time being afraid of having bad character?  The “flight or fight” instinct don’t set-in at the thought of being grumpy, controlling or impatient.  Most fear is rooted in something that may or may not happen.  However, it is a guarantee that if I have bad character I will produce bad fruit, and reap bad consequences.  Discontentment, jealousy, stinginess, and selfishness…at first sight of an uprising I want me instinct to be…RUN!

Fear Harming Others

Gossip, betrayal, lying, cheating, mean words…all of these lead to hurting others.  Anything that would cause a good relationship to sever or suffer…I want be afraid of that.  I want to fear what harm I can cause to others by my words and actions…those closest to me, acquaintances and strangers.

Fear Taking Shortcuts

30 Days to a Better Body!  Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days! Ten Proven Ways to Get Rich Quick! A Formula for Instant Success!  All seem promising and in the day and age of instant gratification…it’s easy to fall for “get what you want quick” schemes.  But these short cuts will leave me discouraged and further behind than when I started.

For lasting results, it takes blood sweat and tears.

If I want to building anything solid that will last that means not skipping or shortcutting anything…every step is critical.  When I see a “Get it Quick” advertisement…I want to be very afraid and run.  I want to avoid the temptation to fall for such things because it’s just a scam.

Fear a Wasted Life

If it is in my heart to help someone, learn something new, create or build something or to be a person of good character…I want to be very afraid of ignoring this!  When the inspiration rises up in my heart, I want to refuse to stuff it back down.  God put these desires in my heart. And being afraid of a wasted life by never listening to my internal voice guiding me to fulfill my purposes here on earth…that I want to be afraid of.

Fear Owing Too Much

Debt is a sneaky evil.  The promise of having what I want now with a commitment to pay it later can entrap and enslave.  It can become my master…I want to be very afraid of having any master other than God.  Instead, I want to Turn away from the temptation to over-extend debt…the fruit of debt is worry, anxiety, entrapment, and living pay check to pay check.

Fear Isolation

God created us to need each other.  Community is part of our make-up.  Walking this life alone is lonely and sad.  For myself, when times get tough I tend to isolate thinking that will help.  However, I have learned that isolation is a breeding ground for depression.  Instead, I want to choose to reach out to others.  There are so many people that would love to help.  Run away from isolation.

Run towards… Fear of the Lord

I have been walking with the Lord for over 22 years.  I have come to understand “Fear of the Lord” not as a trembling, scared…shaking in your boots because something bad is going to happen kind of fear.  But rather its a posture of  standing in awe of the Creator of the universe.  It’s a reverent fear of submitting yourself under the right hand of the Almighty Father and allowing His will in my life.  All wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding and all fruitful living flow directly from Him.

If you’re not a Christian…well there is fear in the traditional understanding of the word.  However, God is calling everyone to his side not by intimidation but by loving kindness through his son Jesus.

I want to run towards God…be afraid of living my life without Him.  Not because of punishment but because of wasted opportunities to love and be loved, to serve, to heal, to find peace and to have strength beyond my ability.

There’s a Time to Be Afraid

Breaking free from the fear that keeps me from following my dreams is the Chickening-IN way of life.  However, there is a time to be afraid and let fear guide my actions – danger, harming others, bad character, shortcuts, a wasted life, debt and isolation…fear these things.  I want to run as fast as I can from them.  And as I am running away from them…I want to head right into the arms of God.  “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding.” Proverbs 1:7

Please share…what are you afraid of that is good to be afraid of?

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Sincerely with Hugs,


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