She’s a Hen House Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t see obstacles in life the same as most people?  Fear, doubt and failure are never an option.  When most people have excuses as to why they can’t, these people focus on why they can.  That is my next Hen House Hero, Stephanie! Passionate, inspiring and contagious…her fun-loving strength will rub off on those around her every time.  Faced with a skin condition called Melasma she turned an unpleasant situation into a thriving, successful business.  Enjoy her story, her quotes and her inspiration.

A Kind, Loving Wife and Mom of Four

Married to her high school sweetheart for nearly 20 years, they both had planned law enforcement careers.  However, while Stephanie was awaiting a background check at LAPD (lengthy process) she took a job at a mortgage company. After seeing the lifestyle of a real estate agent with the flexibility and income potential…her entrepreneurial desires were birthed.

Her husband began his law enforcement career and she climbed the ranks to senior loan officer and later a real estate agent.  As history reminds us, the real estate market crashed along with many careers.  Having just started their family, they packed up and moved to Northern CA where the cost of living was less.  Knowing she couldn’t continue real estate, she decided to stay home with her two children and have two more.  She also cared for her elderly grandmother who lived with them for 7 years.

Home with Her Kiddos, Her Entrepreneurial Desires Didn’t Die

In fact, it grew stronger.  Stephanie felt she had a purpose…one that would complement being a wife and a mother.  She knew she wanted to build a business but she didn’t know the “what” yet.  She started an antique booth which was more of a hobby.  However, it fed her entrepreneurial appetite and brought in some needed extra cash.  It was a lot of work, work she enjoyed, but this wasn’t the “what” she was looking for.

In the meantime, after having her fourth child, Stephanie came down with a skin condition called Melasma.  With uneven pigmentation on her face, she struggled to feel pretty and confident.  Trying many products and having allergic reactions to them all, she refused to give up looking for a cure.

A Friend Quit Her Career as an RN to Build a Younique Business

Stephanie’s friend had recently started a new business with Younique.  She was making good money from the comfort of her own home with freedom and flexibility.   Younique had emerged as the newest direct sales company with a healthy cosmetics line that was clean and pure…free of harsh chemicals that are in most US cosmetics.  Desperate to improve her Melasma and find products she wasn’t allergic to, she purchased and used the Younique cosmetic line. While results vary, Stephanie’s skin showed significant improvement without any allergic reaction!

A few years later, Younique launched a skin care line.  With such great results from the cosmetics, Stephanie had to try it.  She was blown away…the Melasma faded and she again did not have an allergic reaction.  She became a living example of how healthy products can make a difference. Being inspired by her friend’s story and her own personal results…she found her “what”!  Stephanie realized her entrepreneurial direction.

Passion and Purpose Collided with Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

Excited to have found her direction, Stephanie’s entrepreneurial dreams were coming true…a product she loves, the freedom she needs and the ability to help others.  Passion and purpose were ignited…and she realized her greatest joy comes from adding value to women’s lives by:

  • Educating: Teaching women about the importance of using healthy make-up and skin care products.  Helping women with allergies to facial products with harsh chemicals and other skin irritations to feel pretty again.
  • Mentoring: Mentoring and training a wide spectrum of women, from career women to stay-at-home moms, on how to build a business of their own.

The Unexpected Benefits of Finding Her What

Pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams and finding purpose and passion brought benefits Stephanie didn’t anticipate.  She has grown as a person, is more fulfilled and feels like a better mom.  Her kids are a part of her business…she calls it their family business and they participate in reaching business goals.  Her view of the world has expanded.  Using social media as the platform to grow her business she has been able to build relationships with women all over the world.  Not to mention travel, her success has afforded her and her husband the opportunity to travel to new destinations.

Growing Women’s Confidence is Her Heart’s Desire

With all the personal benefits Stephanie has reaped, nothing compares to watching other women flourish.  She gets more joy out of seeing them reach goals, get a promotion and feel more confident, than when she succeeds.  She didn’t know she could change lives just by following her passion or that she could impact others so deeply.

Stephanie’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Join or build a company for something you are passionate about.
  • Be willing to learn and train.
  • Remember building a business takes time…there’s no quick way around it.
  • Be a leader.

“If it scares you and excites you at the same time, you should do it!”  Stephanie K.

Over the last 3 years Stephanie has built a successful business simply by following her passion and finding her entrepreneurial “what”.  She is in the top .04% of her company for sales and is earning an income from the comfort of her own home.  Surpassing her initial goals, she now has residual income to pass on to her children.  With new 5-year goals in place, she is excited to watch her business grow, but more importantly continue to, impact the lives of many women.

Younique’s mission statement, “Uplift, empower, validate women all over the globe.”  If you are interested in a direct-to-you business with Younique and/or using the pure and clean skin care products, please feel free to reach out to Stephanie.  From her Younique Website click the JOIN link at the top of the page or email her directly at It is her passion to help you…she is living proof that dreams can come true!

“If you dream it and believe it…you can do it.”  Stephanie K.

Life is too short NOT to follow your heart.  The benefits of doing so will far exceed your expectations.  I truly believe each person has a God given purpose and to find that purpose, pursue it and live it…is to live the Chickening IN life!  Be encouraged, be inspired, love to all.


Amazing photography by a Trish Metheny Photography.