Word of the Week:  Steadfast Faith

Would you sit here with me for a minute and take time to let these words soak in your heart:  Steadfast Faith.  What comes to your mind?  Do you see a visual?  As I whisper Steadfast Faith under my breath, I feel empowered, strengthened.  Do you feel the same?  Could these be a power words…ones that God can use to transform our thinking and our lives? To answer this we must first define what it means.

What is Steadfast Faith?

Steadfast Faith is being firmly anchored in Christ with unwavering belief that God will do what He says.  Imagine how a boat is held steady deep in the ocean with an anchor.  On the top of the water the boat is still moving and experiencing the weather and the waves, but it is steadfast in its location.  It is similar with Steadfast Faith, but in the spiritual sense.  As the heart grows deep and wide in Christ the anchor of faith gets stronger to create an immovable belief in God.  Lots of things might be happening above the water, like doubt & fear, other people’s opinions, the enemy’s influence, and inability to see the future, but a person with Steadfast Faith refuses to drift away or get caught up in lies.  She insists on trusting and believing God. 

Steadfast Faith:  firmly fixed, immovable and complete trust or confidence in God.

The Challenges of Steadfast Faith:

It’s Seems Impossible

Yes, I know it seems impossible to trust God 24/7 in every single moment, every thought and every emotion.  King David is an amazing example of being completely human and still having Steadfast Faith in God.  We can hear his cries and see him shouting out to God in fear all throughout the Psalms.  As he turns to God in his weakness he is also recounting God’s goodness, past deliverance and confessing that God is beyond understanding.  In his honesty before God, King David is strengthened by God with Steadfast Faith.

“But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, ‘You are my God!’ My future is in your hands.” Psalm 31:14-15 NLT

It Can Feel Lonely

Sometimes Steadfast Faith can feel lonely.  Like Noah who believed God when no one else did.  He built an ark while others laughed at him.  He trusted God even though it had never rained on earth.  How was he able to act without evidence of what was to come?  Noah had a strong, unwavering belief in God that superseded anything and everything else.  His belief in God was immovable, and his Steadfast Faith kept him going when things got tough.  Sure, he experienced human emotions, criticism, and a gap of time from when God told him to build the ark and when the flood came, but he acted anyway (The entire story of Noah can be found in Genesis 6-8).  

From the examples of King David and Noah we learn learn that  Steadfast Faith is not removing the human emotion from the situation, but rather persevering with it by allowing our belief in God to be greater than our doubts and fears. 

Courage to Grow in Steadfast Faith

Where do you need to act in faith today?  Is God calling you to have unwavering belief that He will help you forgive, heal or be restored from brokenness and the past?   Maybe you’re facing an illness and God doesn’t want you to lose hope as you journey through the next weeks and months. Or could it be a difficult financial situation and God desires that you make wise decisions and trust Him with the outcome. Whatever it is for you, today you can be strengthened.  Just like Chickening IN is transforming my fear into courage, so can Steadfast Faith transform wavering faith into immovable faith.  Standing firm in belief in God is bold, brave and courageous! 

Today where can you trust God more? 

Have Courage Today!


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