Word of the Week:  RESTORE

What comes to your mind when you hear the word RESTORE? Maybe an old vintage car, or an antique of piece fo furniture…maybe even a house.  What about TV?  With so many reality TV shows like Rehab Addict, Old Home Love, and even one named Restored it seems the fascination with restoration is quite popular.  What is this obsession all about?  Why are we so captivated by taking something old and making it new again?  Could “RESTORE” be a power word that can transform not only cars, furniture and homes…but our lives?

RESTORE: (verb) To bring back to a former or original condition. To bring back into existence; reestablish; to put back to a former position; to reconstruct 

The WOW Factor of Restoration!

We as humans love the “WOW” factor, and we love watching as an old, beat-up and seemingly worthless piece of furniture becomes useful and beautiful again.  It is more than impressive…it is inspiring. The idea of restoring brings hope for the broken things in our lives.  Not just the physical items like the old farmhouse table, but for the inner-person where pain, disappointment, consequences of sin and brokenness reside.  So that “WOW” factor we experience after seeing what looks like trash restored to a gem is a symbol of hope that the broken parts of our lives can be restored too.  

What Needs Restoring in Your Life Today

It’s easy to see the deterioration that has occurred to a physical item like cars and furniture.  They display rust, rot, chips, scratches, and missing pieces, but what about your life? Do you know the parts of your heart that need repairing? Maybe it’s a broken heart because of the loss of a spouse due to divorce or death.  Maybe it’s unmet expectations of the life you dreamed of …a life that looks dramatically different than your current reality. Or maybe it’s feeling like your sin is too great, and there’s no way God could love you.  Don’t dismiss, toss out or count yourself worthless…there is a treasure lying beneath that “thing” in your life.  One that has the potential to WOW you!

“Restore to me again the joy of your salvation.” Psalm 51:12 NLT

Steps of Restoration

Anyone who has restored a piece of furniture knows it takes patience to bring new life to old things.  The process begins with identifying the value that is hidden underneath the layers of grime, dirt and defect.  Once a piece is selected the preparation begins by dismantling the necessary pieces to isolate the renewing process. The next step is stripping the piece by removing all the unwanted surface materials. This process can be messy. Once all unwanted materials are removed the beauty that was hidden may be visible and the piece is ready for finishing. Finishing is where the love and care are put back into the piece by rubbing, swabbing and layering new materials to bring out the best.  And finally reassembling to make it complete. 

Our lives are so much like this.  We are buried under the hurt, pain and suffering of life and it’s difficult to see the masterpiece that God calls ME. Whether it’s the sting of loss, unmet expectations, sin or separation from God that needs restoring today…it is possible. Jesus is the Restorer and He went to great lengths to give each of us the opportunity to enter into the restoration process.  Just like with furniture, restoration can take time and get messy, but the end results is so well worth it!

Jesus gave up Heaven to become a baby, then only to be misunderstood and hung on a cross. Why? To give you the opportunity to be RESTORED to God. That’s how much He loves you!

Ponder “RESTORE” this Week

Together as we ponder the word RESTORE, let us be open to hearing from God and if necessary, submitting to the restoration process.  If we let Him, God will take our old and make something new, and He will “WOW” us! And He won’t just restore us to our original condition like we do with furniture…He has so much more planned for us…more than we can envision or comprehend. We are His masterpiece!  

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 NLT

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Have Courage Today!