Do You Want to Transform Your Time with God?

As a Christian spending time with God is essential for a rich and meaningful relationship with Him. Yet we can find ourselves trying to squeeze it in between morning coffee and the first item on the daily to-do list. Maybe, like me, you made a commitment to meet with the Lord every day but with all your best efforts something always gets in the way. At times, you feel like a failure and wonder if you will ever get a regular routine established…one that is bullet proof.

I Learned One Simple Thing that Transformed My Time with God

When I learned this one simple thing “busy” wasn’t a strong enough word to explain my life. I was working outside the home, I had a high school daughter and a toddler. My husband’s career often left me feeling like a single parent and I knew that spending quality time with God would make the difference between a highly anxious day or a peaceful day. I couldn’t afford to miss or rush my time with God anymore.

Time is a Precious and Limited Resource

Accepting that time is a precious and a “very” limited resource was critical for me. The demands of caring for my family, educating my children, working and my endless task list was consuming my every moment and leaving my time with God hurried and unfocused. Oh, how I desired to spend quality time with God…not distracted by daily life. I needed a new mindset and a simple, practical plan.

“Bring me the sacrifice of your precious time.” Jesus Calling 

Time with God is an Investment 

I bet you have a best friend and I am sure that friendship did not develop by having unfocused or rushed time together. In fact, I bet that friendship grew deep and strong with an investment of quality time. My best friend and I schedule regular lunch dates and during that time we silence our phones and set aside all other to-dos to concentrate on meaningful conversation.

Why would we not approach our time with God the same way?

But How?

That’s when it hit me… set a timer! So simple but transformational! Whether it’s 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 1 hour by setting a timer it freed my mind to let go of my task list and concentrate fully on God. I could finally abandon myself to being completely present with my Lord and Savior uninhibited by constantly looking at the clock and worrying about what comes next. I could rest with Him, and in the stillness, He was strengthening me and preparing me for the day ahead in ways that only He can do! 

“Create a safe space around you, a haven in which you can rest with me.” Jesus Calling

I Dare You to Set a Timer!

Chickening IN is taking on new challenges, and my job as a courage writer is to inspire us to try new things, walk in faith, trust God more and boldly pursue a better life. It is because I care deeply for you as a sister in Christ that I dare you to try setting a timer.  It worked for me and it can work for you!

The length of time doesn’t matter as much as the focused attention.  Try it for two weeks.  You might be pleasantly surprised, and like me, your time with God might be transformed into meaningful, quality time!

Live Courageously,

JJ @ Chickening IN