It was early afternoon when the phone rang. The automated message on the other end said the decision had been made to close the schools in our state for the next 3 weeks.

Initially, I was taken back and all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. How would I keep all four of my children occupied for 3 weeks? How would I work in my business and get the housework done while everyone was home? How much time would I be spending in the kitchen preparing meals?

After a few moments of this, I took a deep breath, gathered myself and decided that everything would work out.

Equipped with many years of nursing experience, I knew the virus that was sweeping the globe was unlike anything we’ve experienced before and that the safety of our children was of the utmost importance.

And although, I didn’t know what was to come, in that moment I chose to stop any line of thinking that would lead to fear or worry and instead, trust God with whatever needed to be done.

I found comfort in knowing that my children were less likely to encounter such a mysterious illness by remaining home, even if that meant restructuring our daily lives.

The transition from school days to school at home was relatively smooth, but occasionally we’d hit a snag.

As questions would arise while doing school work, so would the frustration. In my attempt to offer guidance and work through problems with my children, they would respond with things like, “but that’s not how we do it!”

Recognizing their responses as fearful instead of combative helped us reach a compromise early in the process. My children were concerned that their grades would suffer because they weren’t doing their work in the exact manner that they’d been taught. So I repeatedly affirmed with them that even if I didn’t know their method, I would remain right there with them, guiding, encouraging and helping them get to the answer even if the method was different. This reassurance, and quite a bit of patience, led to a deeper level of trust between us.

As we face a global pandemic, we must trust God like never before. He will help us navigate the changes. We must have the courage to continue to follow Him even though the ways that we were used to no longer exist, and the practices that we need to implement moving forward, will be like nothing we’ve experienced before.

Being quarantined has not only presented us with more time to be present with one another…it has given us a chance to practice being who we say we are by demonstrating what we say we believe. By modeling motherhood in a way that glorifies God and makes our faith practical to our children and evident to the world.

We have the opportunity to exemplify a narrative that rejects the notion that our children are burdens that we need to get away from, that we’re better off if someone else is caring for or interacting with them or that we need to rush back into a world that will never be the same again in order to get away from them.

No matter the age or stage of motherhood you’re in, you’ve been given the opportunity to reach a deeper level of intimacy, and get wildly creative with how you connect with your children. You get to embrace this time as a gift, while acknowledging the moment to moment faith and wholehearted trust in God it requires.

“And He will be the security and stability of your times, a treasure of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the LORD is your treasure.” Isaiah 33:6 AMP 

So we needn’t waste any time consumed with fear, worrying about what’s to come or doubting the promises of God. He is our stability and our treasure.

As we move forward, let’s spend time reminding ourselves of this truth and sharing The Source of our salvation, wisdom and knowledge with our children.

It takes courage to model motherhood in a world that tells you the role is burdensome and inconvenient. So let’s stand together, choosing courage over conformity, thanking God for the role, the lessons and the most important work of all, our children.

Tracie Braylock

More about Tracie:

Tracie Braylock is a nurse, wife and mother of four children. She writes from home while caring for her little ones. Her writing focuses on holistic health and wellness in the lives of women. She strives to encourage women in every way possible, especially through writing.  She is a member of the Hope*Writers community, a devotional writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, regularly writes on her website, Tracie Braylock and daily on Facebook Tracie Braylock Facebook Page and Instagram @TracieBraylock.

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