Curious…what is Chickening IN?

Let’s start at the beginning.  The moment when the word Chickening IN was created.  Several months back I had been struggling with a VERY BIG, life changing decision that I had attempted to make multiple times.  The kind of decision that gives your stomach butterflies; both excitement and anxiety at the same time.  The kind of decision that requires a leap of faith into unknown territory.  I was sitting at Panera Bread with my six-year-old daughter and her tutor.  Explaining to the tutor that I was afraid of making this LIFE changing decision (Check it out here!) and with a concerned tone I said, “I chickened out again!”  We both giggled, knowing life decisions are difficult.  From across the table a sudden confident, matter of fact voice came from my daughter and said, “Chicken IN mom, just Chicken IN!”

Chickening IN…A New Idiom

My thoughts came to a screeching halt. I had to take in and process what she just said. Did my daughter just invent a new idiom?  The tutor and I both looked at each other with amazement.  We chuckled because children have no reservation and just say exactly what comes to mind.  I’ve spent years struggling to make this one decision.  I enlisted counsel from two life coaches, a counselor, a best friend, my husband and other adults.  In one moment a wise 6-year-old inspired me to stop chickening out and rather to Chicken IN and have courage to make the decision.

Everyone Knows Chicken Out

To really grasp the meaning of Chickening IN let’s first understand Chickening Out.  Chickening out is a familiar and widely used idiom meaning to back out from fear, lose one’s nerve, cowardly, decide not to do or complete due to fear (   Most likely you have heard or even used these phrases:  you’re a chicken, chickening out, or don’t chicken out. Interesting because chickens are not particularly fearful creatures that retreat.  Rather they tend to squawk and pitch a fit.  However, it is thought that the word chicken got its cowardly meaning due to the size and vulnerability of the chicken.  Nevertheless, being a chicken is not an admirable quality.  Therefore, Chickening IN would be that exact opposite of Chickening Out.

Ok…Just Get to it Already! What is Chickening IN?

Chickening IN means to complete or finish in the face of fear, step-up to the plate of your life, follow your dreams, be courageous and bold, live in faith, travel the unknown and take calculated risks.   It means to be who God created you to be and not live life by chance, happenstance, fear or less than you were made to be.  In the simplest terms Chickening IN means to live courageously and settle for nothing less than God’s best for you.  

An Invitation to Join Me

Please join me on my Chickening IN journey.  You can expect transparency, raw emotion and humility as I take fear by the hand and walk forward toward God’s best life.  You too can experience transforming from a fear-filled life into a courageous faith-filled life! God has amazing plans for us and together we can be stronger and braver…we can face fear and accomplish more than we ever dreamed possible.

So, come along and Chicken IN with me!!

Live Courageously,

JJ @ Chickening IN