Are you ready to become the bravest version of you?



Courage and the Names of God

A Reflection on how knowing “who” God is can lead to strengthened courage and faith
  • The Names of God are like no other.
  • Each name represents an aspect of His character.
  • Knowing and calling on His names specifically will fill you with courageous faith.
  • Includes these 5 names of God
    • Elohim
    • Jehovah
    • Jehovah Jireh
    • Jehovah Shalom
    • Jehovah Rohi

Each month after 5 additional names will be emailed directly to you for a total of 10 names of God. Knowing God more has made the difference between living in fear or walking in faith over and over again in my life. I pray knowing Him more will impact you the same way!