Are you ready to become the bravest version of you?


Do you want to become the bravest version of you? Are you ready to transform into a courageous, walking-in-faith woman who is no longer bullied by her fear? You won’t overcome fear by chance or happenstance. It’s too strong of an emotion. It will require deliberate action on your part. An action plan that will build your courage so you can defeat the fear giant.

It’s my heart’s desire is that 2020 will be your bravest year so far! And because of that, over the next 12 months Chickening IN will provide an action plan that includes encouragement, support, practical application and challenges designed to grow your courage!

The first Tuesday of every month you will receive a “Courage Tips” newsletter with practical, easy to adopt tips for becoming more courageous. It will include a courage bible verse, a courage quote, a tangible application tip, a recommend book and a courage challenge of the month.

The third Tuesday of every month you will receive a “Courage and the Names of God” newsletter. There, we will explore how the names of God can bolster our courage and give us the faith we need to move forward when afraid.

Pick up your copy of the Chickening IN book!!! This book was written as a tangible guide to overcome fear and grow in courage and faith. As I share my own story to overcome fear, doubt and worry you will learn that you are not alone in this battle. But it won’t be an easy read. It’s purposely designed to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and onto the unknown roads of life. Like Abraham who was called by God to leave his home for an unknown land, this book will call you to leave the familiar feelings of fear for the unfamiliar roads of courage and faith.

2020 is going to be the most courageous year of your life! Everything you need to grow more courageous will be provided for you, but it will require an intentional decision on your part.

FIRST: You must join now!

SECOND: You must make a commitment to yourself to read and apply the information every month.

THIRD: Order your copy of Chickening IN- from FEAR to Courageous FAITH!

The time has come to stop chickening out and start Chickening IN,

JJ Gutierrez