Do You Want Your Home to be a Safe Harbor for All Who Live There?

A place where souls are refreshed and restored. A shelter to completely unwind and be at ease.  A refuge from the harmful effects of the world, the culture and the enemy. A place where love builds up and strengthens those who live there, because home is the starting point and the ending point to every day.

Recently, I attended a one-day women’s retreat. It was a beautiful day of refreshment in the Lord. The speaker, Bev Bradley, spoke life giving words as we ventured through the six verses that make up Psalm 23, and during the second and third verse Bev made a comment, “Make your home the safest place on earth.” That comment grabbed my attention like a glass of iced tea on a hot day. Though I had read Psalm 23 many times and even heard sermons on it I was learning something new. Curiosity swelled within me and my ears tuned in as I thought, “What does a safe home have to do with Psalm 23:2-3?” 

“He let’s me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.” Psalm 23:2-3

God Provides a Safe Place of Rest, Refreshment and Restoration

During the retreat Bev asked an important question, “How can I have a safe and peaceful home for everyone who lives there and those who come to visit?As we studied Psalm 23:2-3 I was reminded that God provides us with a place of rest (green meadows), refreshment (peaceful streams) and restoration (renewed strength). When God is our Shepherd we are at home with Him and we can let down our guard, we can feel secure with our vulnerabilities and we can feel His love renewing and strengthening our souls. Bev’s question lured me into deep thought as these questions flooded my mind:

  • Does my home provide safety, security and love for me and my family?
  • Am I too worried about controlling my home, keeping it clean and making things the way I want them?
  • Do I have fits of rage or anger that make others feel unsafe?
  • Am I welcoming when my family comes home or loved ones come to visit?
  • Is it evident that God lives in my home?

Download your FREE copy of the journal prompts above here: 5 Journal Prompts to Making Your Home the Safest Place

A Safe Home Starts with Me!

As a wife and a mom, I have been given a tremendous responsibility to care for my family’s dwelling place. Not just the physical house but more importantly the atmosphere. I’ve heard it said that, “Moms are the heartbeat of the family” and “Moms set the temperature of the home.” If that is true, then as far as it depends on me, I want to create an environment where love is more important than control, safety is more important than being right, and building relationships is more important than a task list. Wives and moms- our influence should never be underestimated. We have the power to impact our homes positively or negatively, and our attitude begins with us! The Bible says,

“A wise woman builds her house; a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.” Proverbs 14:1

As I reviewed the questions, I became aware of areas of improvement. Things that seem minor but actually have a big impact. I know for a fact I am a happier mom when my kitchen countertop is clean and empty of toys, mail, dirty dishes or anything else my family decides to set there. Frustration takes over as stuff piles up and I can find myself treating others unfairly even becoming upset or passive aggressive. Honestly, I would prefer everyone to just do as I say (LOL), but when I thought about the second question above, I felt conviction. Nothing is wrong with a clean countertop and wanting others to be responsible with their things, but when it affects my attitude…that’s when it becomes a problem because my attitude sets the tone for my home.

What Can We Do to Make our Homes the Safest Place on Earth?

Grab a journal and start with the five questions above (FREE Printable Journal Prompt Worksheet download HERE!). Pray about your answers and ask God to reveal truth to you. Be willing to honestly assess yourself…maybe even ask your spouse because he is sure to know!! Anytime we allow God to inspect our lives it takes courage and humility. It’s a Chickening IN moment! However, don’t be too hard on yourself because we will never be perfect. Our mistakes can be opportunities to make our homes safer…when we let grace and mercy lead us to saying sorry or making a change.  BUT, more important than anything else is to pursue after God. No one is more refreshing, life-giving and safe than a woman convinced of God’s love for her and for others.  Out of the love God pours into you, your home is sure to be a secure, loving and welcoming place.

Live Courageously,

JJ @ Chickening IN