Does God Speak Directly to His Children?

Absolutely YES!  How do I know?  Because it just happened to me and there’s nothing more exhilarating, precious and heartfelt than hearing a Word from God at the exact moment you need it.  What about you? Have you ever experienced God talking directly to you and the manner in which He spoke left no room to deny it was Him?   This is my most recent story, and though God has spoken to me before, each time He does I am completely AMAZED!

An Old Bible and a Hidden Treasure   

I don’t know who to give credit to…maybe all God, but I must share this.  I was very upset and feeling bullied by my circumstances.  Intimidated to be more accurate.  It’s an ongoing stronghold of mine because I so desperately desire eternity here on earth.  Since that is impossible, every time this certain circumstance arises, I am tempted to ignore God and take a short cut out of it.  My instinct is to run away and take control of the situation…take it into my own hands.

On this occasion, I retreated to my favorite oversized blue chair with a big ottoman.  God and I often sit together there talking, reading and just being still.  Sitting at my feet was a Bible I hadn’t picked up in years…my New King James Version. It had become of interest to me that night, prior to this event, and it was laying on top of my raggedy, well-loved Bible (New Living Translation). So naturally I picked up the Bible sitting on the top, the one I hadn’t opened in years.  I flipped through the pages sulking in self-pity.  Then there at the back cover of my Bible was a photocopy of what looked like a daily devotional.  I must have tucked this treasure away in the back of my Bible for safe keeping never imagining that God would use it to speak to me today. I have no idea what book it came from so I can’t give proper credit.  But I can give credit to the Holy Spirit who knows exactly how to counsel, comfort and strengthen. Today was living proof that He is actively encouraging me to stay the course and not let this particular circumstance bully me out of following God’s will.  

God’s Word Just for Me

“Be of good courage, and I will strengthen your heart. I want you to face adversity with confidence and firm determination.  Because I am with you and the Holy Spirit lives in you, you have everything you need to be bold.  Cowardliness is not of My Kingdom.  When you are feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances, remember who you are… a child of the eternal King!  Invite me into the very circumstances that are intimidating you, and let the Light of My powerful Presence strengthen you.  When you choose to live courageously, I am pleased.  And I respond by strengthening your heart, thus increasing your valor.

Expect to encounter hardships as you journey toward heaven, because you live in a very broken world.  This is why bravery is desperately needed among My followers.  You also need hope.  My promise to strengthen your heart is for those who hope in Me.  Courage and hope are closely connected in My Kingdom.  So, I urge you to hold on to your courage and your hope.  They are more precious than gold!”    ~Source Unknown 

WOW! Only God!

Only God could orchestrate the chain of events that led to finding this devotional!  He was speaking life, hope and encouragement into my very being.  The message was exactly perfect to penetrate my heart.  It shook me out of the funk I was in, and reminded me that all the courageous, faith-filled steps of hope I have taken were taken because God strengthened me to do so, and that He will not abandon me now.  It felt like God wrote this just for me, and feelings of being extremely loved overflowed in my heart.  Praises and thanksgiving resulted because I could not help but say, “Thank you Father, thank you.  You are so good to me.” As I uttered these words, self-pity, frustration and anger dissipated and my courage, hope and strength were renewed.  God is faithful.  God is good. 

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24 NKJV

Have you ever experienced something like this?  I’d be so honored it you simply put a yes in the comment box if God has spoken directly to you. Together we can show this broken world that God is real, He is active and He speaks to His children. God is good!  May He bless you, give you courage and strengthen you today.

Have Courage Today,