Freedom Screams

We celebrate freedom on this day

To be independent and choose our own way

Seeking to explore just who we are

With options of politics, religion and education

Rights to select our spouse and how many kids

Never in fear of laws and regulations that seem so rigid

We rejoice in liberties that some will never know

Let us not be ignorant but continue to grow

Born as a baby unable to choose where to live

It is by divine assignment that the Holy one gives

We are graced by God to live in a country that is free

We can open our Bibles and worship Thee

Freedom! Freedom God gives to all living beings 

Choose His path and all the righteous things

Christ He gave to free each man from sin

Whether we live in America or among other men

Let us spread the news from our homeland to the ends of the earth

That each man has the right to choose to live on Holy turf

Freedom! Freedom Screams throughout the land

Let’s pray each life will reach out and take Christ’s hand


“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”  Galatians 5:1

Happy 4th of July!


Written by,

JJ Gutierrez