Introduction to the Series 12 Part Series: Courage and the Names of God

Do you love music? I sure do! I’ve become spoiled by Apple and Amazon because they’ve created a tailor-made, commercial free listening environment. However, from time to time I still enjoy tuning into the old-fashioned radio because of the interesting facts and entertaining tidbits of information shared between music sets. On this particular occasion the host and hostess were discussing pet names and that pet owners on average have five names for their pet. I was intrigued so naturally I began to think about all the names I call my dog.

Bella is my German Shepherd’s official name. But quickly after naming her I started calling her Bell-Bell as a term of endearment or Bella Bru (the name of a local coffee shop). Then, my husband added Slick Rick which made us laugh because Bella is a clever and very smart dog.  Soon Bella Jean came into play…adding the middle name of my middle daughter. Now we find ourselves calling her Boo-Boo after Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo. I think we are up to six names!

Names are important. They describe who someone is and what family they belong to. In Biblical times names carried a deeper meaning than they do today. Often a baby was named for a specific reason or because his/her life represented a given purpose or status. God himself changed people’s names to symbolize important changes like Abraham whose name was originally Abram which meant “exalted father.” After God made a promise to make him the “father of many nations” a new name was in order and he became Abraham.

Though names don’t carry as much weight in the current culture they still paint a picture of who someone is. Like my dog Bella, we too have many titles because one name isn’t enough to fully know a person. What people call us or what we call ourselves describes things about us like mom, grandma, aunt, doctor, teacher, Christian, sweetie, or honey.

The same is true of God. He has many names that describe who He is, but unlike our names His carry weight. When something carries weight it is said to have the power of influence and is respected. That means that God’s names are not void or empty words that we carelessly toss around…God’s names have power!

To appreciate the power within God’s names we first have to know about them. By learning about His names we can understand Him and interact with Him in a deeper and more meaningful way. Because His names are tied to the unchangeable, all powerful, loving characteristics of Himself, knowing God’s names will empower us too! God wants nothing more than for us to know Him better and by studying His names we will do just that.

I promised to deliver a plan to help you become the bravest version of yourself in 2020, and learning God’s names is part of that plan. Starting next month, we will explore ten names of God beginning with Elohim, Strong Creator God. The ability to stop chickening out on the important things in life comes from knowing God. When we invest in knowing Him better our belief in Him grows. When our belief grows, our courage is strengthened and our faith changes from something we talk about to something we are doing.  Faith in action is our doing and faith in action is Chickening IN.

Sister, will you join me every month on this journey to know God more? I promise that knowing God more will make you stronger, braver and better equipped to handle the scary and uncertain moments of life.

What do you say?  Are you in…Chickening IN? Join HERE!

Live Courageously,

JJ Gutierrez