What is Fear Saying to You?

In those moments when all seems lost, and the situation appears impossible…a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a job, a child gone astray, divorce or moving to a new city…What conversation are you having with your fear? Who is leading the conversation…you or fear? How you respond to the conversation and who you respond with will determine what happens next.

Recognizing Fear’s Voice

Fear is relentless and it will do everything it can to cause a person to give up hope. Fear’s voice isn’t hard to discern. It lacks wisdom and is discouraging, doubtful and defeating. Fear says things like:

  • Run or flee
  • Lie or cheat
  • Panic and worry
  • Cower and give up
  • Do nothing

Fear will Attack Your Character

Fear doesn’t stop at unwise advice…it goes a step further by attacking your character with blows that paralyze any positive, forward movement.  It might sound like this:

  • You’re not good enough
  • It’s your fault anyway
  • You are a failure so why try
  • People will judge you
  • Nobody believes in you
  • It takes guts and you don’t have any
  • Last time you were brave you fell on your face

Defeating Fear with Your Own Voice

Defeating fear on your own might occasionally work.  It is possible to talk back to fear with opposing views. For example-  if fear says, “you can’t”  you say,  “I can.”  However, fear’s character attack is personal. It counts on using past mistakes and pain to keep a person in bondage.

Fear is persistent and doesn’t give up easily. In order to defeat it, you need something greater than you…or rather Someone greater than you!

Moving the Conversation with Fear to Trust in God

Let’s consider moving the conversation between you and fear to you and God. While fear’s dialogue is intended to scare, create doubt and sabotage any forward movement…Dialogue with God intends to encourage, uplift, inspire and propel forward movement.

Fear tells you to… Trust in God tells you to…
Run. Flee. Stay. Face your fear. Know God is with you.
Lie or cheat. Always stand in truth always.
Panic,worry. Remain calm and steadfast in God’s promises.
Do nothing. Move forward, pray, and take action.
Cower, give up. Rise-up in the strength of the Lord. Refuse to quit.

The Bible is Filled with People Who Trusted God

There are numerous stories in the Bible about people trusting God in the face of scary or impossible situations. Daniel in the Lion’s Den and David and Goliath are just two examples…both were in situations that by human understanding should have resulted in failure and even death.

Or what about Jeremiah who was afraid to speak for God yet God had called him to deliver a message.  Daniel, David, Jeremiah and many others in the Bible trusted God by facing the situation head on knowing that God is bigger and greater than anything that could come against them.  He is bigger than fear!

By faith these people overthrew kingdoms, ruled with justice, and received what God had promised them. They shut the mouths of lions, quenched the flames of fire, and escaped death by the edge of the sword. Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in the battle and put the whole armies to flight.”  Hebrews 11:33-34

Trusting God Changes the Internal Conversation

It moves you from victim of fear to victor over fear.  It takes your eyes off of the situation and directs your focus to God. Today, what fear conversations are you having with yourself?  Use the attached FREE Trusting God Worksheet to change the internal conversation from fear to trust in God.


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