Is Your Career Leaving You Empty, Depressed, and Defeated?

Are you stuck in a career that is sucking the life out of you…leaving you with little energy or excitement for life? Maybe it’s a mundane daily routine that is far too predictable and frankly boring.  Or maybe you are not operating in your strengths, and therefore, your work has no passion or purpose.  If any of these explain you…you will want to meet my next Hen House Hero.  She is a career coach, university teacher and author of a best-selling career book,  Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom.   Coach Jen will challenge you to consider taking your unique gifts and talents and turning them into a meaningful career. Be sure to check out Coach Jen’s “FREE” offer at the bottom of the page!!


Coach Jen is Living Proof…Walking Her Talk!

Twenty years ago, Coach Jen hadn’t yet realized her career dream.  She was working in Silicon Valley make big bucks at a high tech company.  Being the primary bread winner for her family, with two small children, she felt pressured to provide. While successful at her career in sales, she wasn’t happy.  She was literally forcing herself to get up and go to work every day with misery swirling inside her gut. Coach Jen was longing for fulfillment and work she cared about.  In addition, she wanted to be with her kids…in the current situation she felt they were in daycare more than with her.  The reality was she had to make money but her body was beginning to physically react to her unhappiness.  Something had to change.

Seeking Wisdom, Coach Jen Hired a Consultant

Not knowing what to do, Coach Jen hired a consultant to mentor her.  She worked with her consultant for a few months before she began to realize her calling…helping people discover their career passion.  Jen mentored with her consultant for a year, and while it was close to being the right thing, she felt she wanted to help clients make their careers fit into the big picture of their whole life. That’s when Jen discovered the coaching profession. While coaching was still a new field, Coach Jen knew in her heart that was exactly what she was meant to do.  Quickly she began taking coaching classes and 2 1/2 years later she quit her corporate job to start her own coaching business.

Fast Forward 20 Years, Coach Jen is a Successful Career Coach

Twenty year later, Coach Jen is now a successful career coach, university teacher and author of Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom.  She has positively impacted tens of thousands of people and she isn’t done yet! Looking back, Coach Jen can say without a doubt she is most proud of making money by creating her perfect job.  She feels it is such an honor to be the mom she longed to be by putting her kids first.  The icing on the cake is that she created her career that brought personal meaning and purpose to her life.

There were challenges along the way too.  Creating her own work, stepping away from the main stream and taking a leap of faith wasn’t easy.  Coach Jen has these words of wisdom to share, “I never believed that to find your purpose means all doors would open and life would be great – no! There are ups and downs but overall I have happiness, meaning and purpose. It’s a blessing to be able to put my head on the pillow every night with peace in my heart.”  She goes on to say, “When you’re living your passion, you are present in your life.”

Over the years Coach Jen’s faith in Christ has deepened.  Daily she depends on prayer and faith.  The next chapter of her career is likely to include spiritual coaching in addition to career coaching.  She loves nothing more than to inspire women to live their best lives and she feels a calling to add spiritual mentoring to her portfolio of services.

Are You Finding Fulfillment, Purpose and Passion in Your Career?

In Coach Jen’s Book Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom, she points out that, “Over the course of a 40 year career, you are likely to spend 100,000 hours of your life working.”  WOW, if that isn’t motivating enough to propel all of us to find a job we are passionate about, I don’t know what will!  Coach Jen goes on to explain that how we spend those working hours will have a major impact on our happiness, health and relationships.  Are you unhappy with your career? Coach Jen’s words of wisdom for you are, “You can play the career game the same way everyone else is playing it, or you can choose a path that’s custom-made for you and your goals.”

It Was No Accident that My Path Crossed with Coach Jen

In the midst of my corporate career, I was a chapter lead for an employee resource group supporting women in business. While I volunteered for the additional responsibility, I was excited to encourage and inspire the women of my chapter.  In doing so, I looked for opportunities to bring in amazing women to speak to the group.  That’s when I met Coach Jen!  She was just launching her new book Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom and she was making a trip to my area.  It was perfect.  She came and spoke to my group, and we got signed copies of her new book.

Her impact reached us all.  One gal was unhappy with her current position and Coach Jen inspired her to make a position change within the company.  That was all she needed…a little tweak and her happiness returned.  For other’s like me, we scheduled a free follow-up one on one conversation with Coach Jen.

I Hired Coach Jen and Began My Career Coaching Journey

My path has been complicated.  Before I could make any real changes Coach Jen and I had to work through my fears and doubts.  Fear that what I really wanted to do…I wouldn’t be good at or that people would laugh at me…calling me unrealistic.  Doubt that I could actually do it.  Then, we had to deal with money.  Money is a big show stopper.  When you’re making a six figure income, it’s very hard to step back, make less or nothing… while you reinvent yourself.  Coach Jen was awesome!  Her techniques helped me to be honest with myself, face my fears and eventually go for it.  In fact, going for it is why I started this blog…why I am writing at all…I find purpose and fulfillment in encouraging others to find their best life.

What Are You Really Afraid of?  Advice From Coach Jen

Over her 20-year coaching career, Coach Jen has observed common roadblocks to women following their dreams:

  • The number one thing that holds people back from pursuing their perfect work is fear about money. There is a belief that working for someone else provides economic security.  However, Coach Jen challenges us to rethink that belief.  Be honest with yourself…what really creates financial security? Could you reinvent yourself so that your unique gifts and talents used in a purposeful and meaningful way would provide the security you’re longing for?
  • Another major “stuck point” is fear of judgement.  Many people won’t share their hopes and dreams out of fear of rejection, being laughed at or told you can’t.  Coach Jen points us to this quote by Barbara Sher, “Isolation is the real dream killer.” Instead of keeping your hopes and dreams under lock and key, Coach Jen advises women to talk about them.  But be wise by selecting loving and supportive people to share with.  That could be a close friend, family member or hiring a good, experienced career coach…like Coach Jen.

“It’s not always about income – it’s about growth.  Get brutally honest with yourself.”  ~Coach Jen

Coach Jen is a Hen House Hero!

She has gone going before us, paving the way to taking what is unique about yourself and turning it into a meaningful career.  She has set the example of not settling for status quo but pursuing her best life…the life we all need to pursue.  With her priorities in order and refusing to ignore her intuition, Coach Jen changed the course of her life, her family’s life and the lives of many, many women around the world.

Interested in Talking to or Hiring Coach Jen??  A Personal Offer for You!

Coach Jen is graciously offering a free, no obligation, 30-minute career session to anyone reading this blog.  To request a session, simply send an email to and mention that you read about her on Chickening IN.  

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