It Is Certain that Uncertain Times Will Come (FREE Printable Included!)

Uncertainty is a part of life. It’s not a question of if uncertain times will come, but when. How we respond to the uneasiness of not knowing what’s coming next will determine if we thrive during uncertainty or if we succumb to worry and fear.

Recently, I faced an uncertain situation and I was surprised at how quickly I moved from trusting God to worry. I wonder about you, too…

Do You Struggle to Trust God During Times of Uncertainty?

I must admit uncertainty stirs up the jitter bugs in my belly.  My latest journal entry reads, “Lord, please help me thrive during uncertain times. I want to trust you and walk through uncertainty with peace not apprehension.” Worry was aggressively advancing on the landscape of my heart. My family was in a waiting period…would we move to a new city or would we stay right where we are? As I poured out my heart to God worrisome feelings began to fill the blank pages. It was then I realized how deeply I long for certainty. I want to know what’s happening next and when I don’t, I am susceptible to fear, worry and forgetting to trust God.

Are You Facing Uncertainty Right Now?

Maybe you’re in between jobs or a relationship is experiencing some difficulties and you don’t know if it can be fixed. Maybe you’re waiting for the doctor to call about a test result or maybe, like me, life might take a new direction but you’re waiting for confirmation. You want to completely trust God, but it can be difficult to feel settled and secure while you wait for answers and direction. Worry seems like a natural response. Maybe there’s an inner belief that uncertainty and worry go hand-in-hand. But is that the truth?

“My children tend to accept worry as an inescapable fact of life…but worry is both unnecessary and counterproductive.” Jesus Calling

Is Worry a Reality We Have to Live With?

We don’t have to accept worry just because we feel the feelings of uneasiness. We have choice to make…a choice to indulge our worry or to focus on Christ. When we choose to be overly concerned about an uncertain situation, we enter into a place of trusting ourselves more than we trust God. Worry can cause us to forget the power of God and rob us of the peace that Jesus promised (John 16:33).

Nothing good ever comes from taking charge of our own lives. In fact, when we take control, we have a good reason to worry because worry obstructs our connection with God. 

Uncertainty Can Be a Reminder to Trust God

God uses all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28) and uncertainty is no exception. Maybe our season of uncertainty is an opportunity for God to remind us to relinquish our worries and fears into His care. If we let Him, God can use the uneasiness of the unknown to draw us into a deeper trust, reliance and confidence in Him.

Can We Find Certainty in Uncertain Times?

Trusting God in uncertain times is exchanging uncertainty for certainty! Yes, it’s true! We may not be confident in our future or what will happen next in our life, but we can be confident in God, His Word and His promises! God is certain…God is never changing…God is our rock. That’s our hope in uncertain times! When we feel worried and fearful because of the unknown we can go to God and His Word to transform our thoughts. We can find certainty in the uncertain when we renew our minds with truth.

Five Promises to Recall During Uncertain Times

Over the years I have learned that trusting God is a choice and not a feeling. When I put God’s truth above how I feel I find strength that sustains me during the most uncertain of times. I might not feel secure about my situation but when I recount God’s promises I feel secure in Him.  Here are five promises that help me and maybe they can help you too!

  • God Goes Before Us and Prepares Us: Even when we don’t know what’s coming next, we can rest assured knowing that God goes before us and He prepares us for what’s to come (Deuteronomy 31:8).
  • God Will Never Leave Us: We need not fear or be afraid of the unknown because God will never leave us. He is constantly with us (Deuteronomy 31:6).
  • God is Greater than Our Feelings: No matter how we feel about uncertainty God is bigger! He knows everything and we can choose to trust Him even when we feel worried or fearful (1 John 3:20).
  • We Can Experience Peace in the Midst of the Unknown: Uncertainty doesn’t have to rob us of peace…instead we can turn to Jesus and ask Him to calm our spirit. Jesus promised we would have trouble, but when we are in Him, we can experience peace (John 16:33).
  • We Are Never Out of God’s Sight: God sees us all the time! Nothing can hide us from His view. We can find relief from our worries and anxieties about the unknown because we are known to Him (Psalm 139:2-12).

FREE PRINTABLE: Five Promises to Recall During Uncertain Times

Never underestimate the power of God’s Word! It might take a little bit of courage to trust God when your feelings say otherwise but do it anyway. Just a mustard seed of faith (Matthew 17:20)… is all it takes. We can experience certainty in uncertain times when our hope lies in God and not in ourselves. Today, start Chickening IN by boldly taking your worries and fears about uncertainty to God and exchanging them for the certain truth and promises of God!

Live Courageously,

JJ @ Chickening IN