Do You Long to Overcome Fear?

Do you long to overcome the fear and doubt that is sabotaging the life God has for you?  Are you ready to grow in courage and put feet to your faith? You’ve come to the right place! Chickening IN is an invitation to a lifestyle of courage and faith. It’s a journey of loosening the power of fear over our lives in practical and manageable ways. With the 8 Pillars of Transformation as our guide, we will equip ourselves to overcome fear and walk in faith like never before.

  • Identify the roadblocks that prevent courageous forward movement.
  • Learn the art of calculated risk taking to reduce risk anxiety.
  • Create action plans to overcome fear and doubt.
  • Learn to face your fear through the stories of people (just like us) in the Bible.



Do You Want to Dig Deeper?

In this Companion Workbook, JJ will lead you deeper into the principles and practical steps laid out in Chickening IN- from FEAR to Courageous FAITH. Fear is something everyone experiences at one time or another and in order to have victory over fear we must learn how to deal with it correctly. This workbook will provide a space to practice doing just that.

This Companion Workbook is meant to be studied in conjunction with the book and makes a great individual or group study. This resource is designed to provide additional reflection, study and practice for those who want to dig deeper. Each lesson coincides with a chapter in the book and will follow a similar format:

  • Read and Reflect
  • Focus Word(s)
  • Digging Deeper
  • Practical Application

Facilitator’s guide included! 




Add the Companion Videos!

In this video series, JJ will share additional truths, stories and encouragement from Chickening IN- from FEAR to Courageous FAITH and the 8 Pillars of Transformation.

Introduction video plus one video per chapter takes the work out of hosting a women’s group. Can be used for any size or style group, from-

  • Small homes group
  • Virtual groups (like Zoom)
  • Large women’s ministries

These videos take the preparation work out of hosting and make any group study of Chickening IN- from FEAR to Courageous FAITH complete!

*Available on Vimeo on Demand. Link is on preview. Rental period is 6 months.

What women are saying about Chickening IN...

No more chickening out. This book will teach you how to start Chickening IN! Anyone who has ever experienced the debilitating impact of stress, fear, anxiety, etc., should read this book. Chickening IN provides game-changing lessons that will teach you how to move from fearful thoughts to faith-filled actions to move forward and experience God’s best for your life. JJ GUTIERREZ is a writer rockstar who shares her own battles and vulnerabilities in a way that is honest, transparent and relatable. Her courageous journey towards chickening in will easily convince you to begin your own. You must read . . . Chickening IN!” …Wilma Hollis at LifeSpeaker


“How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety!! We’ve all been there where we come to a point in our lives where we have a hard decision to make. How much is your decision based on fear? Just think if you were able to take fear out of that equation. Just think what your life would look like if you didn’t have fear standing in your way! Your choices would be based off of what you want out of life and fear wouldn’t be holding you back! No regrets, no what if’s, and no should of’s. That is what this book is all about. As I read this book it has been so inspiring to take that risk, to let go of that fear, to open up all possibilities, to give yourself the life you choose to have, the career you choose to have or the fear you choose to not have. This book can change the way you look at every situation you face and it reminds you of God’s promises so you can put your faith in him and live your best life!! … Cindy Strack, Business Owner


“An inspiring and challenging read for taking risks despite our fears– This book is for Christian women who want to be challenged and encouraged to live out their God-given dreams and purpose! JJ writes with honesty and vulnerability, sharing her own journey towards courage and freedom to “Go for it!” in your own life…..casting your fears on the Lord and trusting Him to get you there!”  …Trinity Bockus, MFLT


JJ Gutierrez is a corporate career woman turned homeschool mom, writer, speaker and ministry leader. Married for 25 years with three girls…two adults daughters and 11-year-old Hope, the mastermind behind Chickening IN. JJ has a passion for seeing women grow in courage and faith, and often you can find her starting new small group ministries. JJ loves her German Shepherd- Bella and most days you’ll find her sipping a glass of fresh brewed ice tea.