Do You Know What a Rainbow Moment and Have You Ever Had One?

Do you remember a time in your life when all seemed lost…the situation was too difficult and there was no way out? Giving up looked like the only option, but then hope appeared.  A little ray of light…just enough to encourage you to keep going.  God’s love touched your heart.  His grace and mercy and the hope of eternal life revived your weary soul. According to the author Meg Lynch, this is a Rainbow Moment.

“The rainbow itself is a promise of God’s continuing goodness throughout the ages.” Meg Lynch

The Rainbow is a Symbol of Hope

In Genesis 9:8-17 God made a covenant with Noah and mankind that He would never again flood the earth. Each time clouds cover the sky, rainfalls, and a rainbow appears it is a reminder of God’s promise to us.  It is also a reminder of His faithfulness and that God keeps His promises.  Just like in life’s challenging, scary and unfathomable situations the hope of God lives in our hearts.  The promise of His love, strength, purpose and plan helps us to weather the storms of life. With each rainstorm, the rainbow brings hope.

“People will continue to cling to the goodness of the rainbow promise, allowing its hope to bring them out of their circumstances.  This is what the rainbow truly means.  This is what this book is aiming to cultivate in the hearts of those who read it.”  Meg Lynch 

The Rainbow Moment is a Collection of Poetry

Meg Lynch’s artistry is deep and thought provoking.  She writes from personal experience and shares the hope God has given her in her Rainbow Moments. The book can be read in or out of order. It can be used in a personal devotional time or shared with a group.

A Few of My Favorite Poems

I really enjoyed these poems.  They bring comfort.  But what I really like is Meg’s ability to be humble and share the truth of life. We all have discouragement, sadness, and brokenness in our lives. She is able to use her poems to normalize what we go through and then to restore hope by pointing us to God.  On page 47, the poem “There Will Be Days” is one of my favorites.  I quote the last passage:

“There will be days when you want to give-up, 

But you keep fighting 

You try to breathe, and you make it through

Because you’re a survivor, and that’s what you do.” 

Another favorite is on pages 76-77, “Terror and Truth”.  Again, quoting the last phrase- this one makes me want to jump up and dance!

“No matter the circumstance

No matter how great the fear monster is

Truth wins.”

This Book Could Be for You If….

If you love poetry and Christ it is a must! If you love poetry but don’t know Christ…click here to learn more, then get the book to help deepen your relationship with Him. And if you are not into poetry but love Christ…take chance and see if God will speak to you in a new way.  This would also make a nice gift to a friend or beloved family member.

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