Why Did I Start This Blog? 

Several years ago a desire to write about courage, faith and facing fear started tugging at my heart.  As a result, I took a huge leap of faith and launched Chickening-IN 8 months ago.  When I began my writing journey, I was both excited and scared…would anybody read my blog?  Would my words matter in this world with so many voices competing to be heard? I knew God wanted me to share my real, authentic story to inspire women with a broken past like mine to keep going and not give-up.  However, I was afraid that by centering my blog on Christ I would narrow my audience and turn potential readers away.  So, I made the decision to keep the blog more all-encompassing by using words like God and faith, and I decided not to include Christ in my tagline (even though I really wanted to).

Wanting to Appeal to Everyone

Rationalizing that I wanted to appeal to everyone, I found comfort in making a more broad tagline that would not turn away a non-Christians.  Fear of this world’s criticism and any harsh responses I might get from those who didn’t agree kept me from making a strong statement for Christ.  But the more I wrote, the more I questioned my motives…am I writing for myself or am I writing for God? Am I writing to have followers or am I writing as a love response for what Christ has done for me?

I Realize I Was Compromising

The more I wrote the more I realized I cannot tell my story apart from Christ.  I cannot inspire women to live courageously without the Word of God.   My words and my story alone are a useless waste.  I chickened out and succumbed to fear and doubt.  Wanting so much for my voice to be heard and to be significant that I was willing to separate Christ from my blog and tagline.  I compromised the very reason I write…Christ.

No Longer – Today I Take a Stand for Christ

My broken past and my continued journey to live a courageous life is only possible because of Jesus Christ.  Yes, I said it!  Today I am taking a stand for Christ and all that He has done in my life.  I am Chickening-IN…eating my own medicine…walking my talk.  Christ is the only reason that I am writing.  My success or failure hinges on Christ and His will not mine.  Who reads my blog, who doesn’t read my blog, how many readers/subscribers I have and the success all belong to Him…not me.  Therefore, I am off the hook! I can relax and write from my heart knowing my blog belongs to Christ.

Prayer for My Blog

My prayer for this blog is that Christ will be glorified.  That His power will be made evident in my stories as I share honestly and openly about the struggles of everyday life.  And as I share my broken past and my journey to heal that it will bring a refreshing reality to the Christian life.  My prayer is that YOU will be inspired to live boldly and courageously for Christ too.  It isn’t easy, but life without Christ…I would NEVER want to go back!!

Taking a Vote for My New Tagline…Please VOTE!

I am taking a vote for my new tagline that will include Christ.  Please comment below with your favorite tagline or visit my Chickening-IN Facebook page and leave a comment with your vote!!  I have my favorite and I can’t wait to see what YOU pick!!

  1. Courage, Christ and Real Life
  2. Courage, Christ and Everyday Life
  3. Courage & Christ for The Messiness of Life
  4. Courage + Christ = A Changed Life

Sincerely, and with lots of love to everyone!