A Christ-mas Poem

Lord, what you gave-up for me

I cannot fathom how

You must have felt on that day

When you left your Heavenly throne,

Your rightful place

and entered the body of a baby.

Did it grieve you to leave the Father’s side?

Where you anxious or lonely?

I can only imagine the thoughts 

That might have crossed your mind

Just minutes before you departed.

Jesus, you knew fair well what lied ahead

The suffering, the rejection and 

Even death on a cross.

The strength you have is beyond

Any I’ll ever know

All I can do is bow down and worship you.

Thank you for your great love

And the sacrifice of your life for mine…

A sinner through and through.

Thank you Jesus for Christmas Day,

I stand in awe of you!


If you don’t know Jesus, you can read more about Him HERE and to find out why I love Him so much click HERE.

Merry Christmas!


#FindYourBrave, #FindJesus

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