Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to eat? That happened to me a few days ago. I was going from one task to another and I completely forgot that my body needed fuel. By 1:30 pm I was enduring sharp hunger pangs that rendered me useless. I was of no use to anyone because I was running on empty.

Isn’t it the same with our courage and faith? It’s difficult, if not impossible, to be brave and walk in faith if our spiritual tanks are on E. When our souls are lacking spiritual meals our ability to trust God and have bold faith diminishes. Rising above fear and anxiety is no easy endeavor and to meet this challenge we must be filled up by God. But sometimes we may not realize we are starving for God until we are completely depleted and our faces are in the gutter of discouragement. It’s then that we feel the hunger pangs only He can satisfy.

Over the last several months my spiritual tummy has been aching. I didn’t know how much until I attended church in person. In my state most churches have been shut down but I found a church that was holding services. Five worship songs and a “verse by verse” Bible message revealed to me how disconnected and empty I felt. I missed it. I missed hearing God’s Word being preached. I missed how the Holy Spirit speaks to my soul and directs my path durning church service. I missed worshiping together with other believers.  It’s in this setting that I can let go of my worries, burdens and discouragement, and in exchange, God fills me with hope, courage and faith.

I love the visual of this scripture found in Jeremiah 15:16 AMP,

Your words were found, and I ate them; and Your words were to me a joy and the rejoicing of my heart, for I am called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts.

When we take God’s Word into our minds and hearts we are literally feasting on His promises, His strength, His joy, and His power. But we must seek out the scriptures. We can do that by reading and studying our Bibles, listening to sermons or bible teachers or attending church. And when we fill our souls up with His Word…it’s then that our courage and faith are made strong.

If you’ve been feeling worried, fearful, anxious or discouraged maybe you’re living on empty too. One thing that helps me sort out my feelings is journaling in a “question and answer” session with God. Grab your journal…I have a few questions to get you started.

  • What fills your spiritual tank?
  • Are you sitting down to take in that spiritual food on a regular basis?
  • If the answer is no, what action can you take today to start eating the goodness of God and His Word?

God is gracious. He wants to fill our spiritual tanks. His Word says,

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters” (Isaiah 55:1). “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6).

Our Father promises to fill us up when we seek Him and His Word, and it’s in that place our faith is made bold and courageous.

Live Courageously,


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