Are you tired of fear controlling your emotions, thoughts and/or actions?

You are not alone.

Several years ago I found myself tired, worn out and beaten up by Fear, and Fear’s best friend Anxiety. I became obsessed with learning how to defeat these unwanted but loyal companions. But, I struggled with shame because I believed being fearful meant I was a bad Christian, however nothing was further from the truth. As I began to break-up with Fear and Anxiety, I discovered I didn’t need to hide anymore because God loved me just as I was.

However, thankfully God never leaves us as we are! During a very fearful time in my life God provided a special word just for me. It came from my six-year-old daughter. I kept saying, “I chickened out again!” That’s when she said, “Mom, just Chicken IN.” I don’t know why but God used that spoken word to transform my mindset from fear to courageous faith.

Also, I imagine God must have known how much we would struggle with fear, worry and doubt because He provided over 300 scriptures encouraging and commanding us to fear not, do not be afraid, and have courage. These verses along with the other thousands of life changing words in the Bible worked diligently to tear down strongholds, defeat lies and produce an inner courage beyond my own.

I’ve been on a Chickening IN journey for many years now.  I’ve taken brave steps of faith but I am still learning and growing. The process of transforming is lifelong. I want to share with you what years of counseling, 25 years of studying the Bible, life coaches, career coaches, reading and listening to a LOT of books and podcasts, 15 years in corporate America and then, taking two BIG faith steps to becoming a homeschool mom and a writer/author has taught me.

Are you ready to transform your fear into courageous faith but your not sure how?  

Then, you may have found a home right here, with me and the other women around the world who are looking for practical tools and biblical insight for the journey.

Here you will find:

  • Practical, Ready to Apply Tools to Overcome Fear and Walk in Faith
  • Biblical Encouragement and Insight
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  • Community

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