A Day in the Life of a Career Mom

Are you a working career mom?  Maybe your life is like mine.  Trying to obtain this so called “work life balance”.  Hardly time to breath.  Going from one moment to the next, praying that nothing will go wrong.  That the kids won’t get sick, you won’t get a flat tire on the way to work or you don’t forget your cell phone at home.  Heck…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if the car broke down it would force you to take a needed break!   Either way, if you’re like me,  you’re a perfectionist.  You want to be everything, do everything and have everything.   If you’re like me you will totally identify for my Day in the Life. However for your sanity, I hope you cannot identify with me at all!

Wake-up Working Career Mom

Alarm goes off 6:00am.  Hit Snooze.  Alarm goes off again 6:15am and me, career mom, gets up.  Anxious for the day…hoping there are no glitches otherwise everything will spiral out of control.  Check work emails.  Some of my customers are on East Coast and the work load begins.  Take a shower, listen to podcast while getting ready (a bit of sanity and wisdom for the day).

Rush to wake up my daughter for school.  She doesn’t want to go.  Struggle with her to get dressed, brush teeth and get shoes on.  Maybe take a quick conference call before leaving at 7:45.   Jump in the car, grab my daughter’s backpack, her lunch, her breakfast to eat on the way and rush to drop her off at school.

Take another work conference call on the road.  Pull in the parking lot and walk really fast to the classroom. My daughter reviews the list of why she cannot go to school:  going to throw up, have a sore throat, my teacher is mean, ect…  Give her 20 hugs and kisses. Do my best to force her into the classroom because I need to rush back to the car for another conference call.  By now it is 8:30am.  I am hoping to have 5 minutes to run through Starbuck’s for tea (I don’t like coffee but I do require caffeine!).

Still Early and Career Mom is Exhausted

Me, career mom already exhausted and it’s still early.  Rush either to my home office or off to the Bay Area (1-2hour drive) for business meetings…or 1-2 times a month to the airport for a business trip.  Work on sales strategies, customer issues, admin employee stuff and team meetings.  Schedule business travel, coordinate resources and work directly with CIO’s, VP and Directors.  Hopefully eat lunch.  Looking for a quiet moment to clear my mind but reality is rush, rush, rush.

Afternoon Rush Continues for Career Mom

The afternoon rush back to the school to pick my daughter up (unless they called earlier to pick her up sick which happens every 2 weeks!).   She is always hungry so bring a snack.  Once she is released, rush her to the car so I can join the 3:00 conference call on the way home.  Thank goodness for Bluetooth!  Get home and rush in the house.  Turn on TV for my daughter and run back to my desk to finish my work day.

Career Mom Married But Operates Like a Single Mom

My husband job is demanding and 3-4 days a week I operate like a single mom. Two of our three daughters are young adults.  Majority of the responsibility for kids and home is on my shoulders.   It’s a reality I accept.  However, it does take it toll on me and it contributes to the crazy Day in the Life reality.

No Evening Relief for the Career

Run off to my daughter’s piano lesson, school activities, bible study or any other commitment I have made.  Go by the dry cleaners, run by the grocery store for milk, and grab dinner.  Mad dash home to help my daughter with her homework, take a bath, eat dinner, wind down with a TV Show, read a story, brush teeth, clean up the house, throw a load of laundry in.

Deal with my daughter’s anxiety about going to school the next day.  Try to maintain connection with my two older daughters and my family.  Wishing I had time to read a book or do a bible study or just talk live with my husband.  By 10PM I’m so exhausted and my brain it too tired to carry an intelligent conversation.  Check a few work emails, look at Facebook, and get everything ready for tomorrow (backpack, lunch, homework, ect).  11PM pass out.  6AM next day do it all over again.

Moody, Anxious and Tired…Seriously!  This Career Mom Has Had It!

Hard to believe that I have lived this life style for years!  Other women have called me Super Woman and asked how I do it.  To tell you the truth I have no idea.  To tell you the truth this life with no time to breath has left me feeling empty.  Day in and day out rushing just to rush again…where is the meaningful life I once dreamed of?  I’m moody, anxious and tired. Something has to give.