Empowering You to Face Your Fear 

Has a friend or family member ever said to you, “face your fear?”  It sounds so encouraging…kind of pumps you up a bit.  It reminds me of Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It.”  So matter of fact, full of confidence and boldness.  However, facing your fear can also feel intangible.  Without the “meat and potatoes” of facing your fear…how do you wrap your brain around this phrase so you can take action?  For me, I need a plan…a process that I can follow, otherwise it just becomes a cool thing to say.  So, let’s turn our words into action with these 4 practical steps to facing your fear.

1. Admit That You Have a Fear

To begin the process of facing your fear you first have to come clean.  Admit to yourself that you have a fear.  I highly recommend journaling during this process or downloading the “Free Facing your Fear Worksheet” .  This first step will be difficult.  Admitting you have fear is humbling and vulnerable.  However, be encouraged you will experience immediate relief like a weight coming off your shoulders.  It is freeing to bring something that is in the darkness and put it out in the light…your fear will begin to lose its power over you.

2. List Your Fears…I Am Afraid Of….

Next, list all the reasons you are afraid.  After you have compiled your list…dig deeper.  Most likely the reasons that came quickly to your mind are surface reasons and they provide the perfect excuse to avoid the deeper thing you are afraid of.

For example, I recently quit my 12-year career to homeschool my daughter and pursue writing.  It took several years to face my fears about leaving my job.  I was afraid of living on a single income and causing my family to go into financial ruin.  I also feared timing and kept saying, “the timing isn’t right.”  But these were just excuses that kept me very busy avoiding the real reason.  As I dug deeper, my true fears were…Who am I without my job?  How do I define myself and my significance? Without a paycheck do I still have value?  Ouch…seriously deep questions that I feared answering.

Facing your fear won’t be easy.  You must dig deep to understand what holds you back.  If you want to face your fear, you have to know what it is first.

3.  What is the Worst Outcome that Could Happen?

Now that you have admitted your fear and the reasons why, let’s move on to considering the worst-case scenario.  Jot down all the things that could go wrong until you get to the absolute worst situation.  Then ask yourself, “If I face my fear and this ‘worst case scenario’ happens…can I live with it?”  If you can say yes, congratulations you have just had a fear breakthrough! For me, my worst case was having to go back to my corporate job, and I decided the opportunity to soar was worth the risk.

4.  How Will You Feel in 10 Years if you Never Face this Fear?

The last step is to consider your future life if you never face this fear.  How will you feel about yourself and your life in 10 years?  Will you have regrets?  Take note of your response and listen closely to yourself.  Your heart will speak loudly here.  God has put a plan and purpose in the hearts of all His children, and for me, ultimately, I couldn’t ignore this.  The thought of my journey ending here on earth and having never faced my fear just ached my heart.  How about you?

Congratulations You are on Your Way to Facing your Fear!

No easy task.  But I believe in you, and I believe you can break free from the fear that holds you back.  How do I know…because I battle with fear and I am breaking free.  Also, because like me, you need a process…something tangible that you can sink your teeth into.  “Facing Your Fear” is no longer a cool thing to say…it is a practical plan you can carry out.  Please feel free to download the Facing Your Fear Worksheet and begin breaking free from your fear today.

MY FREE GIFT TO YOU:  Facing Your Fears Printable Worksheet

Are you “Facing your Fear”?  Please comment below…I would love to hear your thoughts and how you are doing it.