Why Does the Enemy Attack?

I often wonder why the enemy attacks.  What does he have to gain? He reminds me of a high school student who is failing English literature.  She refuses to study and calls the class stupid.  She spreads negativity by trying to pull others down with her…maybe to make her feel better, justified or less alone.  I have no idea if that holds true for Satan, but regardless of the reason…his attacks are real…his attacks are intentional and strategic.

A Recent Attack Directed at My Heart

Recently my blog was hacked by someone overseas.  My blog is my heart written out, and I couldn’t fathom why a stranger on the other side of the earth would want to destroy it.  As I sat and pondered why, a subtle yet firm answer came to me.

I have an enemy and he doesn’t want me to walk in freedom…he wants me to be burdened down, discouraged and defeated.  

This time it was my blog, but other times it has been my relationships, my identity, my life’s work, my past…you name it…if I care about it, he tries to attack me there.

TRUTH #1: 

You and me…we have an enemy.  He is very real and active.  The Bible say, “He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour” (I Peter 5:8.)  Our battle is not with people or, for me, “the hacker overseas”, but with the enemy of our heart.  And he would love nothing more than to make Christians ineffective by attacking our hearts to make us doubt God and become too discouraged to walk in faith.

But God!

However, just as quickly as the answer came about why my blog was being attacked…so did God’s reassurance.  The enemy may try, but he will fail.  The enemy may attack my heart with the intention of hurting and knocking me down…But my God is bigger.  I may stumble and fall due to the thwarting of the enemy…But my God will prevail.

TRUTH #2: 

Nothing, no tactic or plan or hurt or pain or life’s interruption will change the end of the story:  God wins and Satan loses.  “There is no other God; there never has been and never will be.  From eternity to eternity I am God.  No one can oppose what I do.  No one can reverse my actions.”  (Isaiah 43:11, 13)

“Because the Sovereign Lord will prevail in His eternal plan, His servants should be encouraged to trust Him and to do His will.”  Bible.org

What Heart Trouble are you Having Today? 

Where is the enemy trying to disable and paralyze you?  Is it your marriage, relationship with your kids, career, finances or health?  Remember the enemy is prowling around looking for your weakness.  He knows your heart is vulnerable because in it lies what you care most about, and he is waiting for the opportunity to attack.

TRUTH #3: 

While we are human and may at times entertain or even believe the enemy’s seeds of doubt, God has provided protection and instructions for us.  The Bible teaches us to:

  • “Stay Alert!” (I Peter 5:8) Continually beware that the enemy is lurking around.  Watch for his decisive and manipulating nudges…even those that are ever so slight.
  • “Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith” (I Peter 5:9).  Call him out and refuse to give-in to his tactics.  Let your faith be stronger than his seed-planting doubt.
  • “Put on all of God’s armor” (Ephesians 6:11) The armor of God is our daily spiritual clothing and God’s provision against the enemy.  But, we have to choose to put it on.  Ephesians 6:11-17 tells us that with the armor we can resist the enemy by putting on the belt of truth, the breast plate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation.
  • “Pray in the spirit at all times” (Ephesians 6:18).  Prayer is a vital part of a Christians life.  Talking to and hearing from God is essential to standing against the enemy.

The Enemy is No Match for God

The enemy tried to drag me down by attacking my heart.  And truthfully, I got discouraged, hurt and angry. However, my God…my King…my Daddy is bigger and greater.  Nothing…not Satan or any of his tactics can stand against God!  Satan intended to hurt me but instead… God gave me peace and satan gave me blogging content!

This is a great thought to end on:

“In the end, Satan serves to magnify the power, wisdom, love, grace, mercy, patience, and wrath of Jesus Christ.” John Piper

Sincerely with Hugs!



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