You Did It! You Stepped Out in Faith & You’re Walking a New Road!

You finally made that brave, bold decision, and now you’re full-fledged into that new career, college, marriage, a new financial plan, healthy living or project. Have you ever noticed a pattern of emotions that almost happens like clockwork? It’s like a rollercoaster ride of the mind and heart. There seems to be 3 consistent emotional stages of stepping out in faith.

The 3 Emotional Stages of Stepping Out in Faith

Stage #1: The Peak

The endorphins seem to be flying high in this stage.  You are  filled with hope because you finally made that courageous choice and are walking a new road.  It feels like you are soaring, and life is good.  A mountain top moment where anything seems possible.  But a peak is a slippery slope with a limited time frame.  The peak experience is the catalyst that gets the decision from a thought to action. The Peak is the shortest of all three stages.

Stage #2:  The Valley

It’s only a matter of time until the honeymoon is over.  The peak becomes the slope straight down into the valley of reality.  Suddenly, the difficulties of stepping out in faith overpower the initial excitement.  Nothing in life is easy, but that is easy to forget on the peak.  All bold and brave decisions have challenges and the once optimistic outlook shifts to second guessing, doubt and fear of having made a mistake.  The valley is 2-3 times the size of the peak and crawling out seems impossible.

Lingering here too long…You want to turn back and give-up.  However, in this stage no decisions should be made.  You must fight through the fear and doubt and as the old saying goes, “pull up your boot straps or put on your big girl pants.”  In this stage character is built…character that God wants to develop in you and that will serve you well in the future.

Stage #3:  Level Ground

With time, a refocused attitude and lots of character development the ground seems to level out and you have a new-found strength.  Fear and doubt dissipate.  The roller coaster ride of highs and lows evens out.  Clarity returns and thankfulness fills your heart because you didn’t give-up in the valley.

Each time I make a big decision or step out in faith I have noticed that I go through these three stages.  The bigger and riskier the choice…the longer the stages last.  Truly, I wish I could live on the peak and skip the valley.  However, God is more interested in the person we are becoming.  Through this process, He works in me and you to reveal weaknesses and my misplaced trust.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you! Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:3-4

Currently on a Peak or in a Valley?

  • Surrender to the process.
  • Don’t make any life changing decisions until you are back on level ground.
  • Learn from your peak and valley moments.
  • Remember these are temporary.
  • It’s tough, but bravo to you for stepping out of faith!

Please share!  Are you on a peak or in a valley?  Have you made it back to level ground?  What did you learn?

Sincerely with Hugs,



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