Why Statements…So When Tempted You Won’t Chicken-Out!

On the Road to Your Dreams There Will Be Doubt. Be Prepared with Why Statements!

When following a dream, pursuing a passion or honoring a conviction of the heart it is critically important to “Know Your Why”.  There will be challenging days and giving up will look appealing.  You must be prepared to weather the storms of life and stand strong in pursuit of your best life.  A tactic I have adopted to defeat these inevitable moments is to create Why Statements.  Why Statements are a formalized, proactive approach to conquering future self-doubt, unbelief and caving when times get tough.

Learned the “Know Your Why” Concept From My Most Challenging Boss

About five years ago I got a new boss…and let’s just say, at first, I didn’t like him. He was a “challenger”…everything I did he questioned.  It wasn’t that he didn’t trust me or think I was a great employee, he truly wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing.  It frustrated me to no end.  In fact, I made plans to find another position as soon as possible.  His name was Mario and he was leading my sales team during a very difficult time.

In an attempt to bring back positive energy to the team, he took us through an exercise called “Know Your Why” by creating a Why Board. Most of my team was less than thrilled about this exercise.  It required us to dig deep, get personal and find the reasons (other than a paycheck) why we come to work every day.  Tasked with preparing either a powerpoint presentation or a poster board, I decided to go all in and embrace this exercise.  We had to present our Why Boards to the team.  It was a transforming experience that has stuck with me ever since.

Thankful for My Most Challenging Boss

Mario soon became one of my favorite managers.  In reality, he really cared about the team and the development of us as individuals.  Teaching us to “Know Your Why” gave us a life skill that transcended the workplace and spilled into all aspects of life.  It is this principle that has morphed into Why Statements and I am so excited to share it with you!

What Exactly are Why Statements?

Why Statements are formal listing of the reasons why you are pursing a goal or a dream.  To make Why Statements impactful, the reasons need to be meaningful and personal (remember this is a tool to motivate you when things go array). Take time, don’t rush this part of the project.  Make your reasons count.  I suggest at least 5 reasons but as many as 10. This is about you and what matters to you.  You are proactively setting self- encouragement in place for a future moment of doubt or in the face of difficulties that could cause you to chicken-out of your best life.

All Types of Why Statements

Why Statements aren’t just for career goals.  They apply to every area in one’s life.  It could relate t0 weight loss, exercise, family, homeschooling, saving money, continued education, retirement dreams…just about anything you can dream of doing.  For example, my daughter is getting ready to start nursing school.  She will have to quit her job during this time and she will face challenges with money, time management, and stress.  Below are her formalized Why Statements …with her reasons for wanting to be a nurse.  She is setting herself up for success and is ready to combat doubt and frustration when it arises over the next 2 years.


Why Statements are Working for Me!

Since starting Chickening IN, I have had moments of uncertainty.  Wondering to myself…why am I doing this?  Why did I quit my job?  Taking risks creates a strange phenomenon in me…I second guess myself and doubt my decisions.  I forget the wisdom I sought to make the decision and I focus on what I lost instead of what I gained.  Why Statements are the perfect proactive tactic to defeat my moments of insecurity.

Limited Offer:  I Want to Help You Formalize Why Statements!

I am so excited about Why Statements that I want to help create them for others.  For the first 10 readers who are new to subscribing to my blog, I will work with you to formalize your personal Why Statements.  To take advantage of this offer:

  • First subscribe to my blog (Subscribe link on the upper left hand corner of the blog).
  • Then, send me an email at jj@chickeningin.com.
    • In the email, include what your goal or dream is (example: going back to school, health goals, career goals, homeschooling).
    • Then, lists 5-10 reasons why.  I will refine them and then, send you back your formal Why Statements.

Your formalized Why Statements will be similar to the examples shown in this post.  You can print it, use it as your computer wallpaper/screensaver or have it put on a canvas to hang in your home.  Chicken IN!!  There’s nothing to lose!

If you would like to know more about my former boss who is a speaker, mentor, sales coach and social selling expert, check him out at Mario M. Martinez Jr. 


  1. Stephanie | 11th Feb 17

    Love this J.J.! Thanks for your encouragement and for sharing how important this exercises for those of us that are building our dreams!

    • JJ | 11th Feb 17

      I love your story and your excitement! You are encouraging others everyday :).

  2. Katie | 11th Feb 17

    Yes! We all need these to keep us going in our pursuits!

    • JJ | 11th Feb 17

      Totally agree!

  3. Amber | 10th Mar 17

    Finding “my why” has been a life long journey! Everything you said is so true. If I didn’t have a why I think I would have quit after one month on blogging. I have a bullet journal to keep me on task and the inside and outside of my cover is plastered with scriptures, whys and reminders of how God put me on this path! I have to remind myself every day! Love you blog and cute theme (I have the same one:)

    • JJ | 10th Mar 17

      So awesome! Thank you for sharing your personal experience with WHYS. It is too easy to give up when things get tough. I would love to see your blog!

  4. Amber | 10th Mar 17

    I believe if you click on my name in the comment it links to my blog but here it is:) http://www.leftwithasmile.com

    • JJ | 10th Mar 17

      Great. Thanks!!

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