Living Out Faith in the Workplace

Are You Lacking Passion and Purpose in the Workplace?

Do you go to work every day overwhelmed, challenged and disconnected?  Are you facing specific workplace issues like integrity, fear or discouragement?  Can one simple change make a transformational difference at work?

Searching for Workplace Transformation 

In my workplace there are many difficulties and it seems like everyone keeps trying to fix the same old problems with the same old solutions. As I pondered what could be done differently I had an epiphany:  I am a Christian and yet I seldom bring my faith into action at work. I love God and He is my Lord and Savior, but I don’t intermingle my faith and work very well.  It was time to weave my faith into work, and with God, He can transform my work experience and help to solve the same old problems.


A workplace Bible study. A gathering of Christians who come together in the name of Jesus to examine the Word in light of workplace issues. A place to grow in fellowship, to develop leadership skills and lean on God for workplace help. What better way to bring purpose and meaning to the workplace than to walk together with other believers, and possibly lead a co-worker to Christ!

Is it Legal to Have a WorkPlace Bible Study?

After I decided to start a workplace bible study, I began researching laws and regulations to understand what my rights were.  It is not against the law to have a workplace Bible study, for more information visit: In the Workplace. Please note this is not legal advice and I am not an attorney,  just a US citizen who is sharing what I have found. Legal sources can be found at American Center for Law and Justice. Here are a few noteworthy items to share about having a workplace Bible study:

  • Must be before or after work, or during the lunch hour.
  • Has to be 100% voluntary.
  • Work performance, promotions or evaluations cannot be tied to participation.
  • Can be held in a generally available conference room or location at your workplace. There is no law preventing employers from allowing this.

WorkMatters:  A Great Workplace Resource

Once I understood my rights I had to find a study.  That’s when I discovered  WorkMatters is focused on helping people find purpose and passion while living out faith at work.  Since most adults spend 40 hours a week at work…why not make it more meaningful?

“WorkMatters has helped thousands of men and women find purpose and meaning in their work.  From entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, we have seen leaders of all types find deeper meaning fulfillment and satisfaction in their work by living their faith at work.” WorkMatters

WorkMatters Offers Bible Studies for the Workplace

Workmatters makes it easy to get started.  They have designed Bible studies to address the difficulties of living out faith in the workplace by studying Bible leaders and biblical principles of leadership.

“And we’ve discovered that all of the answers we need can be found in the Bible.” WorkMatters

At WorkMatters, they provide a wide variety of resources including videos, a blog, email support and 4 studies with facilitator notes.

The studies include these four topics:

  1. Jesus: Love at Work
  2. Nehemiah: Calling at Work
  3. Daniel: Integrity at Work
  4. Esther:  Influence at Work

Daniel: Integrity at Work

Once the group was established, I took a vote on which study to do.  The majority won with Daniel: Integrity at Work.  Selfishly, I was pleased because this was the area of greatest challenge and most growth opportunity at my workplace.   We decided to meet once a week via conference call (we are geographically diverse), before work for 10 weeks (the length of the study) and then take a vote after to see if everyone wanted to continue.

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9

God’s Plan is Perfect!

When we started, neither myself nor my co-workers had any idea how perfectly aligned the study would be to the challenges that lied ahead. God increased our faith and trust in Him as we dug deep into the roots of pride, faith in God, the importance of integrity and working with excellence.  Each week’s lesson so beautifully spoke to our situations.  We had a safe place to discuss our faith, encourage each other and become more refined in our leadership skills.

God knows what we need at the exact moment we need it!

Want to Transform your Workplace?

Get started today! Chicken-IN and have the courage to go outside your comfort zone. Begin by visiting The scriptures are powerful…powerful enough to change you from the inside out, and make your workplace more meaningful.  But, I warn you…be ready because God is going to do something unexpected and amazing…something transformational in your work life!

Sincerely with Hugs,


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Need a Bible?  There are numerous FREE Bible apps available.  I use the NLT Bible app found in the app store on your smartphone.  Also, most local Christian churches give free Bibles to those who need them. 

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  1. Katie | 9th Feb 18

    The workplace can be such a challenging place to act on our faith and yet Jesus wants us to bring our light and the Kingdom to our places of work and everywhere we go. What a great resource you found – thanks for sharing! Blessings to you as you carry out God’s call in your place of work!

    • JJ | 11th Feb 18

      Yes it is so true and trusting God in the workplace is so important. Work Matters is a great organization!

      • JJ | 15th Feb 18

        Thank you Katie! God cares about the workplace and He is working in our lives there too:).

  2. Beth Robinson | 9th Feb 18

    that is Awesome JJ. I know that God will Bless you and your co-workers, I pray that many more will follow thru with this type of Bible Study, so many can learn from God how to step out of their comfort zone’s and share his wonderful word with everyone.

    • JJ | 11th Feb 18

      Thank you Beth! Prayers are always appreciated and people in workforce need them. We are faced with many challenges everyday.

  3. Michelle | 14th Feb 18

    A very interesting take. My friend and I are both in difficult workplaces so perhaps we should explore this.

    • JJ | 15th Feb 18

      They say to get a different result you have to do something different…so why not give it a try. Workmatters makes it really easy!

  4. Erika | 14th Feb 18

    I really enjoyed reading this post! You make your readers engage and that is extremely hard to come by these days! I beleive that we should carry the word of God with us everywhere we go and keep it in our minds and thoughts whenever we take actions.
    The word of God is our refuge, our strength and our salvation. The word of God is what drives away hate, envy, jealously, greed, all of which leads to ultimate distruction.
    What better way of always remembering God and His word then having it with and around us even in the workspace being that we spend most of our time there!
    Awesome post and stay awesome yourself! God bless you!

    • JJ | 15th Feb 18

      Amen! You said it all…thank you too for encouraging me. Love it!!

  5. Keri | 14th Feb 18

    What a great idea! I had no clue that workplace Bible studies are allowed.

    • JJ | 15th Feb 18

      It really is a game changers and this organization is awesome!

  6. Nicole | 17th Feb 18

    I’ve never thought about living out your faith in the workplace, unless you work at a religious company or hospital. Thanks for your point of view. Great post!

    • JJ | 19th Feb 18

      Yes, me either. This has been a wonderful change of perspective. Bring my faith full circle into all areas of my life.

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