Kids Art: Self-Portraits – Past, Present and Future!

Self-Portraits, An Absolute Must for Mom’s and Kids!

Homeschooling or not homeschooling…moms this is a project for YOU and your kids!  You will be drawing self-portraits of the past, present and future. Don’t be concerned with your ability to draw.  Rather, take this as an opportunity to reflect on your life.  I found myself looking at my future-self and thinking…who do I want to be then?  What would I regret not doing?  What would I be most thankful for?  It sounds silly, but this project gave me a chance to look into my future-face and eyes, and do some serious reflection.

Kids will Get a Kick Out of this Project

Ok…my daughter had way too much fun thinking about what my granny hairdo would look like…she couldn’t resist drawing a picture of me as a grandma!  This spurred on great conversation about the normal aging process.  She enjoyed drawing her pictures and laughing the entire time!

Teaching Aid:  Self-Portrait Book

My daughter stumbled upon this children’s book at the library:  What is a Self-Portrait?.  You can purchase it on Amazon as well.  It describes different types of self-portraits and gives real-life examples.  Begin by reading this book and discussing the concepts with your children.  They will enjoy it!

Self-Portrait Instructions

  1. Take time with your children to look into the mirror.  Study how you look…your eyes, nose, mouth and hair.
  2. If possible, look at some baby pictures of yourself and your children.
  3. Discuss the aging process and what might change as we get older…gray hair, glasses, wrinkles.
  4. Take a piece of drawing paper and divide it into 3 sections.
  5. Draw your current-self, your baby-self and your future-self.
  6. Take turns discussing your drawings with each other.

Self-Portrait Supply List:

  1. White drawing paper- we used Artist’s Loft Mix Media Pad 9×12 from Michael’s Crafts.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Colored pencils.
  4. Ruler to divide your paper into sections.

By now you must know how passionate I am about art…it is for everyone skilled or not.  We are created beings and creating brings joy!  Chicken IN today and make self-portraits with your kids.  Enjoy precious time with your children…this is time well spent.


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  1. Katie Landers | 7th Mar 17

    I love how you took the opportunity to talk about aging and make it more than an art project!

    • JJ | 8th Mar 17

      Thank you! Your such a faithful follower and I appreciate it!!

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