Art Made Easy: Painting All 5 Senses

Art Made Easy

I am far from being a trained art teacher, however, I am very passionate about teaching art to my daughter.  I came across this amazing book at the local library, More Than Meets the Eye: Seeing Art with All Five Senses  by Bob Raczka.  After reading the book, Hope and I were inspired to paint an art masterpiece…not a Picasso or Monet but certainly an expression of what we read and learned.  And isn’t that what art is anyway?


Incorporating All Five Senses into Art Projects

More Than Meets the Eye takes the reader on a journey of seeing art through all five senses:  taste, sound, touch, sight, and smell.  While each masterpiece shown in the book asks the reader to consider one of the five senses, I decided to challenge my daughter to paint a picture considering all five senses.  We had a blast thinking about possible pictures to paint and what object would represent what sense.  In the end, my daughter wanted to surprise me with her painting…so I couldn’t even take a peek until she was done!

Hope Gets an A+++ on Her Art Project

Take a look at Hope’s masterpiece and see if you can guess what objects represent what sense?

If you guessed the milkshake for taste, the flowers for smell, the grass for touch, the dogs chatting for sound and the table and chairs for sight…then you guessed right!

This Mom Does Art Too!

Mom’s, don’t miss out.  Paint with your kids too!  It’s so much fun and fosters great memories with your kids.  Here is my masterpiece, don’t judge…Hope’s is way cuter!!   The five sense below are: oranges on the tree for taste, flowers for smell, the warm sun for touch/feel, the owl for sound, and the blue sky for sight.


Art Supply List

  1. Get a copy of More Than Meets the Eye.  I highly recommend your local library.  The book is expensive!
  2. White paper.  We used Crayola Giant Marker and Watercolor Pad .
  3. Paint, various colors.
  4. Paint brushes.


All Five Senses Art Instructions

Simple instructions…encourage your children to consider all five senses.  Discuss ideas with them.  At first my daughter didn’t understand the assignment but after some discussion she came up with her own idea that was far more creative than anything we discussed!  Then, let your children paint away.  Join them!!  If you feel unskilled…oh well, Chicken IN and create anyway.  Who cares how it turns out…it’s precious time with your kids.  Let go and enjoy!


  1. Beth Robinson | 15th Feb 17

    That is such a cool project.

    • JJ | 16th Feb 17

      It was a lot of fun!

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