Book Review: The Real Heaven (Win a Free Copy)

Why Should Learning About Heaven Be Important to YOU?

Heaven is the eternal destination for all Christians. Learning about and understanding eternity can impact how we live here and now. It has the power to help us prioritize, make wise decisions, get through difficult times and live a hope-filled life.

“Much of our anxiety and lack of peace and struggle in this life is the result of not having a clear understanding of Heaven and the eternal perspective that comes from our hope in the life to come.  Studying Heaven has practical implications for my life here and now.”  ~Chip Ingram, The Real Heaven

Are You Equipped to Explain Heaven to Someone?

I have been going to the same hairdresser for over 20 years.  Just recently we got into a conversation about dying and Heaven, and she point-blank asked me, “What do you think Heaven is like?”  I felt myself retreat a bit because I realized that I have been a Christian for 22 1/2 years and I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that question. Heaven is not the typical conversation I have about God. The usual topics are growing in faith, being a better Christian or weathering storms. My understanding was limited and there was room to grow.

“God’s only plan is for everyday believers like you and me to courageously look people in the eye and tell them that eternity is REAL”  ~Chip Ingram, The Real Heaven 

I have spent years learning about Jesus, the Psalms & Proverbs and the stories of the “greats” like Abraham, Moses, King David, Paul and more.  But I have only touched the surface on the subject of Heaven and yet, it is the place I am going to spend eternity.  Quickly I took action and went to my local Christian bookstore in search of a biblically based book on Heaven.

Finding A Trustworthy Book Based on the Bible and Not on Hollywood

I had strict criteria for purchasing a book about Heaven. There is a lot of “Hollywood Heavenized” views out there, and I needed to be sure to avoid that. The book had to meet these three requirements:

  1. It had to be biblically based.
  2. It must have taken into account all of scripture (not based on a single passage).
  3. It needed to be backed by someone I knew and trusted.

Bingo! I Found a Great Book!

“The Real Heaven-What the Bible Actually Says” by Chip Ingram.  As I flipped through the pages I could see the vast amount of scripture and it was backed by Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly.   I headed straight to the register to pay.  Extremely excited to get reading…I headed home.

Chip’s 3 Reasons to Study Heaven

In chapter 1 Chip lays out why we should study Heaven and the reasons engaged my full attention.  Lack of understanding about our eternal destination has real impact on daily life.

  1. Our misconceptions are killing us.
  2. We are commanded to think about Heaven.
  3. A faulty view of Heaven destines us to a wasted life on earth.

I realized that I needed to learn more because in the difficult moments of life I draw hope from knowing one day I will be in Heaven. If I knew more about Heaven…maybe my hope would be deeper, stronger and more convicting.

It’s like planning a vacation but not really knowing where you are going or what you will be doing. You are excited just to be going on vacation because vacations are fun and relaxing…but you can’t quite imagine it due to the lack of information.

What is Your Heaven IQ?

Do you know the answers to these questions:

  • What does the Bible actually say about Heaven?
  • What difference does it make?
  • What happens the moment after we die?
  • What will our relationships be like in Heaven?

“God has provided us with a tantalizing glimpse of Heaven in His Word. Chip Ingram helps us navigate Scripture’s teaching and separate fact from fiction in this practical, readable book.”  Jim Daly, president Focus on the Family

After reading this book I have a deeper understanding of Heaven.  I feel more equipped to engage in a conversation with my hairdresser (hopefully soon!) and I have a richer appreciation for scriptures that ask us to put our hope in Heaven and not in this world.  If you haven’t spent a lot of time studying this subject I highly recommend investing in this book:  The Real Heaven- What the Bible Actual Says by Chip Ingram.

“When you have a clear understanding about eternity and about Heaven, trials and trouble can shake you, but they can’t break you.”  ~Chip Ingram, The Real Heaven

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  1. Katie | 17th Oct 17

    I totally feel the same way! While I know about heaven, it can be such an elusive topic to be able to talk about with someone. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll put it on my list!

    • JJ | 18th Oct 17

      Awesome! Maybe you will win a copy!

  2. Beth Robinson | 18th Oct 17

    JJ, i wanted to tell you about another great book on Heaven. they did it as a Bible Study, at my Church.
    The Author’s Name is Randy Alcorn and the book’s name is Heaven.

    • JJ | 18th Oct 17

      Great! I will check it out! Thank you 🙂

  3. Andrea | 18th Oct 17

    SO important that our walk be eternally (or heaven-based), rather than earthly-based

    • JJ | 19th Oct 17

      Totally agree. It’s important to understand what the means too 🙂 Thanks!!

  4. Melissa | 20th Oct 17

    You’re right. There have been so many sensationalized views of what heaven will be like but I confess I haven’t taken the time to read specifically what the bible says about heaven. Now my interest is piqued to check it out! Thank you for the book recommendation.

    • JJ | 20th Oct 17

      Great! If you read it please let me know what you think 🙂

  5. Susan Evans | 20th Oct 17

    Sounds like a good book! Joni Erickson Tada also wrote a book about heaven that I read to my kids last year, and it made me excited to see Christ!

    • JJ | 20th Oct 17

      That is great! I love to hear my daughter talk about Heaven. In fact, when she doesn’t feel good she always says, “I can’t wait for Heaven…no more suffering.” So cute!

  6. Andrea | 20th Oct 17

    SO important that we are equipped as Christians to explain the truths about heaven

    • JJ | 20th Oct 17

      Yes 100% agree!

  7. Sheila | 21st Oct 17

    I’m a huge Chip Ingram fan. This looks like another excellent study! Heaven is a beautiful topic to study. We should know about the place we are going!

    • JJ | 21st Oct 17

      So glad to hear you like Chip! He has a Podcast too that I recently started listening to.

  8. Alicia | 21st Oct 17

    I haven’t read this book; after reading you post, maybe I will get it and check it out! It’s so important to know what we believe. Oftentimes, until we are pressed for an answer (as you were by your hairdresser), we don’t actually know how to express our believes. It’s good to discuss and study to know what the Word actually says; otherwise we can believe things with no basis. Thanks for sharing!

    • JJ | 22nd Oct 17

      Great! If you read it let me know your thoughts. I learned more than I expected :).

  9. Kristi | 22nd Oct 17

    That books sounds really interesting and s great way to engage our brains and hearts around what the Bible says about Heaven.

    • JJ | 22nd Oct 17

      Yes it is a great start to guiding life long learning of Heaven.

  10. keisha russell | 22nd Oct 17

    Sounds like a wonderful book! I will have to check it out!

    • JJ | 22nd Oct 17

      Thanks! Please let me know if you read it or maybe you will win a copy!!

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