Adopt a Personalized Motto

Do You Use Mottos to Overcome Obstacles in Life?

What about adopting a motto for 2018? In a culture that seems to be anti-New Year’s resolution, have you considered how a personalized motto might help you achieve your goals?

What is a Motto?

A motto is short and very specific phrase that can easily be remembered and repeated.  It is used to convey a message with few words.  It is a quick, go-to phrase that becomes a theme for a specific time in your life.  Mottos can change as you change and your success/struggles change.

“A motto is a maxim adopted as an expression of the guiding principle of a person, organization, city, etc.”

How to Use Personal Mottos

While mottos are used for groups and organizations to draw attention to a cause…a personal motto is for the individual.  It is useful as self-encouragement, a personal pep talk or to change bad thoughts into positive thoughts.  Last year in my post Mottos to Calm My Anxious Heart I shared how I used mottos to specifically attack my anxiety.  Mottos can give you courage, strength, and remind you of what your goals are.  

Examples of Personal Mottos

I have used mottos over the past 2 years.  My mottos are specific to calming anxiety, moving forward in life and focusing on trusting God.  They are my go-to phrases when I am faced with challenges and they have a calming effect on me.  My mottos carry a theme that God laid on my heart…an area of personal growth.

“God already knew this was going to happen.  If He knew it, then He prepared me in advance to handle it.” 2016

“Do everything I can, do my best and leave the results to God.” 2017

For 2018, my new motto continues with the theme of trusting God and letting go of anxiety. Worry and doubt have led my life for too many years.  I have decided to trust God instead.  My new 2018 motto is “I choose to trust God.”  When challenging times come or I am faced with overwhelming anxiety or fear I will whisper to myself…”I choose to trust God.”

“I choose to TRUST God.” 2018

Do You Have a Motto this Year?  If Not, Will You Create One?

If you have a motto, please share it!  I would love to hear about it.  If you don’t have one, it is easy to create one.  Consider these things when deciding upon your motto:

  • Is there a particular struggle you have over and over again and you want to overcome it this year? In my example it is anxiety, worry and doubt.  But it could be anything…a sharp tongue, anger, over eating, over analyzing, lack of motivation, sadness, lack of exercise, lack of budgeting or financial freedom, past issues, etc…
  • What can you control? In my example, I can control my choice to give into my anxiety or to choose to trust God. Some things that are in your control are your attitude and the choice about how you respond to situations.  Many things are beyond our control so leave those out of your motto…you can’t do anything about them anyway.
  • Scripture can be very useful for mottos too.  If you cannot think of one, you can always adopt a Bible verse.  For example:

“For nothing is impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37 

  • Allow God’s Word to inspire a motto.  For example:

“I am worthy because God loves me.”

Start This Year with a Personal Motto

I can’t wait to hear what your motto is.  Please share: Do you use mottos or is this your first time?  What is your motto?  Solider on into 2018 brave ones!! #FindYourBrave!!

Sincerely with Hugs,


#FindYourBrave #FindForwardMovement

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  1. Katie | 12th Jan 18

    You inspired me to come up with a motto. There are so many possibilities but I think mine for the year is Hope in Him. Hoping in Christ in all areas of life. Thank you!

    • JJ | 12th Jan 18

      I love it!! It encompasses everything in your life and puts the focus on Christ :).

  2. Beth Robinson | 12th Jan 18

    This is a very good idea. I think i will use” Nothing is impossible for God.” I know that what ever i am going through God will always be there with me.

    • JJ | 14th Jan 18

      That is a great one and I love it!!

  3. candy | 13th Jan 18

    This year for 2018 I want to give more service to other. Do some traveling. Plant a huge garden and do tons of canning like always. Learn some new skills. Going to be a wonderful year.

    • JJ | 14th Jan 18

      Wonderful goals!

  4. Jauwan Stinson | 13th Jan 18

    This was a great article! Im still struggling to find my motto but this helped!

    • JJ | 14th Jan 18

      If you get one…please share! I’d love to hear it :).

  5. Aireona | 14th Jan 18

    This is such a good idea! I love inspiring quotes and things like that and I think having a personal motto could be really inspiring!

    • JJ | 14th Jan 18

      It really is! It has made an impact on my life…for the better :).

  6. andrea | 14th Jan 18

    I love the idea of creating an annual motto. Fabulous idea and putting up where you see it every day just awesome. Thanks for sharing this I am so going to do it

    • JJ | 16th Jan 18

      That is great…display it so in our weak moments you can read it! Please share once you have one :).

  7. serena hale | 14th Jan 18

    I have never had a motto that I stood with and keep and tried to live by. Maybe I need to do that this year and thank God it is still early to develop one and start making a difference in my life. Being purposeful and intentional are my goals.

    • JJ | 16th Jan 18

      That can be your motto…I will be purposeful and intentional 🙂

  8. Tina Grant | 15th Jan 18

    Being from England and now in the States, I use the same motto every year, told to me by my mother every day. I still love a cuppa tea every day and every time I say “Never underestimate the power of a cup of tea.”

    • JJ | 16th Jan 18

      I am a tea lover so I really love your motto and totally get it!

  9. Jennifer Turney | 16th Jan 18

    I’m not sure what our motto is but we are taking a lot of action towards being closer to God And trusting him with all that we are. Great Blog!!
    Loved this!

    • JJ | 16th Jan 18

      That is your motto: Taking steps towards being closer to God!! In all that you do, focus on that 🙂

  10. Jennifer Turney | 16th Jan 18

    PS I have like 1:37 tattooed on the left lower side of my

  11. Karen | 16th Jan 18

    I have never thought of having a motto for the year, or even season, month or day but I think it’s a great idea.
    I suppose I do have some mottos that have followed me for years.
    1. Honesty is the best policy
    2. Everything has a funny side ….. eventually
    3. Chacun a son gout … you’ll have to look that one up !

    • JJ | 16th Jan 18

      Those are all good ones :). You had mottos and didn’t know it! Love #2 and I looked up #3 :).

  12. lola | 17th Jan 18

    I actually decided to come up with a word for this year too, i think ill think of a motto as well as it will sort of encompass all that i want to have this year!

    • JJ | 17th Jan 18

      Great! I would love to hear the word or motto you come up with!

  13. Julie | 17th Jan 18

    My word for 2018 is steadfast. So I could add a motto of God this year I’m going to be steadfast no matter what I go through!
    Great post, J.J.!

    • JJ | 17th Jan 18

      Love the word and motto!! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Joleisa | 18th Jan 18

    Ooh! I so love this. This year I planned to focus on Rom. 8:18
    I am loving your post and think its a good idea to pray a motto over your life. I wish for you all the very best this year.

    • JJ | 19th Jan 18

      I love it! Focus on Heaven not earth 🙂

  15. Elizabeth O | 19th Jan 18

    I love this idea of finding your own motto, this needs some serious thinking! I’m going to try and think up something unique for me. Great post i’m feeling inspired 🙂

    • JJ | 19th Jan 18

      Please share when you come up with one! I would love to hear it.

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