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About Me

My Family

I am a happily married wife of 21 years and mom of three beautiful girls.  Two of my girls have graduated high school and are pursuing their adult life.  My youngest is in her elementary years and is homeschooled.  My family is my world.


Furry Family Members

Meet Enzo.  Enzo, is a 4 year old German Shepard who we rescued.  Even though he was neglected as a puppy, he has become an irreplaceable member of our family.  His hobbies include napping, eating, and chasing the neighborhood rabbit.

Second but not least…Meet Pipsqueak CoCo Furball! But we call him “Hammy” for short. Even though hamsters are not known for their affections, this hamster will prove you wrong! He loves snuggling up on the couch to watch a good movie. Also, he is the first hamster to earn a drivers license!

My Career

An Enterprise Sales Executive for 12 years, I did not start out in such a strong position. When my career began, I worked in a support role for the sales team. Basically, I did everything that they did not want to do. However, over the years, I worked my way to Senior Business Sales woman . I did this by managing key relationships, contracts and increasing company revenue.  This involved relationships with CIO’s, VP’s and Directors of Fortune 20 companies.  I am thankful for my success and the skills it taught me along the way.

My Passion

I had a very difficult childhood. Though I knew deep down my mother loved me, she constantly put her own needs and desires first.  Because of this, the first 25 year of my life were survival mode. This propelled my search for meaning and purpose. I spent a good amount of time confused about who I was and what my purpose should be.

It then became my deepest passion is to use my story to encourage others.  I understand what it feels like to enter adulthood on rocky ground, insecure with your identity.  Sure, I have to be vulnerable and share my heart but women encouraging women is critically important.  Specifically, I want to help those who might find themselves in a similar situation trying to find their passion in life too.  Whether it be taking a risk, standing up for themselves, or as simple as asking for help.  If my story helps just one woman succeed, then my purpose is fulfilled.

My Spiritual Life

Most of my childhood my family did not attend church. My parents were extreme opposites. While my father didn’t believe anything, my mother believed everything.  She believed in astrology, rebirth, reincarnation, and Christian Scientology.  It never took root in my heart. I always knew there was something better.

After her death, the door opened for my search of God.  Five years later at age 23, I accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart. I have been a Christian ever since.  This by far is the most pivotal decision I have made.  Choosing God has changed my life forever.

My Hobbies

Most of my enjoyment comes from creative time.  For me, creative time includes simple walks outdoors, baking, scrapbooking, crafting, and writing.  Also, bible studies, having lunch with friends and traveling fill my heart too.  Oh, and I have adopted some of my husband’s hobbies (makes for a happier marriage…LOL), which include Dallas Cowboy’s football and following Motocross/SuperCross.

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